Transmitters are the devices designed to receive signals from sensors, which measure physical parameters. These physical parameters include path, temperature, angle, pressure, and force. The signals received from sensors are converted into analog output signals, and transmitted through recording devices, indicators, or PLCs or different types of standardized controllers. The Transmitter Shop (TTS) provides a large selection of transmitters from various brands, and different specifications. These transmitters are widely used in process industries due to several beneficial features that they offer.

  1. RTT20-RTT15
  2. 3051C
  3. 3144P
  4. 13HA
  5. 5300
  6. 3051ST
  7. 3051S
  8. 5301
  9. IGP20
  10. 1151LT
  11. 3051T
  12. 5408
  13. IDP10
  14. 3051SAL
  15. 2051T
  16. 2051C
  17. 2090F
  18. 2090P
  19. IGP10
  20. 3051L
  21. 2088
  22. 43AP
  23. 2051L
  24. 1151
  25. 4600
  26. 15A
  27. 13A
  28. 12A
  29. 11GM
  30. 11DM
  31. 3051SMV
  32. 644
  33. 3300
  34. 2120
  35. 2130
  36. 248
  37. 8800
  38. 8705
  39. 8711
  40. 8712
  41. 8732E
  42. 5401
  43. 5402
  44. 7501
  45. 6437D
  46. 5335D
  47. 4088
  48. ERH
  49. LI-24ALW
  50. PEM-1000
  51. APC-2000ALW
  52. APR-2000ALW

Transmitter Offerings at TTS

At TTS, we help customers to select from the following types of industrial transmitters. These transmitters have been regularly utilized by our clients across the various process industries, since last many years.
  • Electronic Transmitters: These transmitters convert the variables into a proportional electronic signal. At TTS, currently, we provide Foxboro IGP20, IGP10, and IDP10 electronic transmitters.
  • Pneumatic Transmitters: These transmitters are designed for measuring pressures of gases, liquids, and vapors. These devices convert the values into a pneumatic signal from 0.2-1 bar. We provide Foxboro 13HA, Foxboro 12A, and Foxboro 43AP pneumatic transmitters.
  • Pressure Transmitters: As the name suggests, these transmitters are manufactured to monitor, measure, and control pressure across various process industries. We provide a wide variety of pressure transmitters, and few popular models, include Rosemount 3051C, Rosemount 1151, and Rosemount 2088.
  • Temperature Transmitters: These devices are designed to measure temperature. Our selection features a wide variety of temperature transmitters, which help ensure accuracy in harsh working conditions. Our selection features industry-leading temperature transmitters, such as Foxboro RTT20-RTT15 Series Temperature Transmitter, 3144P Rosemount Temperature Transmitter, and 644 Rosemount Temperature Transmitter.
  • Level Transmitters: The transmitters are designed for measuring the level of liquid or gas accurately. The Transmitter Shop (TTS) offers a variety of level transmitters, such as Rosemount 5300, Rosemount 3051L, Rosemount 2051L, and Rosemount 5401 Level Transmitters.
  • Wireless Transmitters: The transmitters of this type ensure non-intrusive installations in hazardous areas. Wireless transmitters provide accurate data for many process applications. Rosemount 3051ST, Rosemount 3051S, and Rosemount 2051C are a few popular wireless transmitters provided by us.
  • Multivariable Transmitters: The transmitters utilize absolute and differential pressure, as well as the temperature, to calculate the mass flow.
Rosemount 3051SMV multivariable transmitter is one of the popular products available in our inventory.
  • Flow Transmitters: The transmitters are used to measure the flow of the liquid in an industrial facility. We provide flow transmitters, such as Rosemount 8800 series Vortex flow meters, Rosemount 8705 Flanged Magnetic Flow Meter Sensors, etc.