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Pressure Transmitters Used in Wastewater & Sewage Industry

Providing Measurement and Control Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

Water treatment facilities can be found worldwide, which include treatment plants for wastewater, potable water, industrial water, agricultural water, etc. Level measurements are essential in water and wastewater management for effectual monitoring and control of all the process steps in the water cycle. The Transmitter Shop (TTS) provides an array of instruments for level measurement.

How Does TTS Help You?

Here are some of the equipment that TTS provides, which help in different functions related to water and waste water treatment:

  1. Level Sensors: The level sensors we provide are used to measure the levels of substances such as liquids, granular material, slurries, and powders. The sensors can either measure a substance inside a container, or to measure the flow of water in open channels, rivers, or lakes.
  1. Level Transmitters in Water, Wastewater Treatment Plants: When sewage arrives through the sewage network, a sewage treatment plant counts on level monitoring systems to allow the process to operate properly. At TTS, we understand that wastewater level monitoring in sewage treatment plants is an important control parameter for a number of sedimentation basins, aeration basins, clarifiers, and settling tanks that are involved in the sewage treatment process. We support our clients in level monitoring in sewage treatment plants by providing submersible level sensors that are manufactured from materials resistant to potentially contaminated waters.
  1. Wastewater Flow Control & Measurement: Wastewater flow control measurement is a technique that is used to check as well as monitor the flow of water that is passing through a pipe. Flow meters help assess the amount of water that is distributed to places. Thus, there are a number of uses of flow meters, as they give an estimate of water flow.

Applications of Level and Flow Control Transmitters:

The level and flow control transmitters have applications in following areas:

  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food production
  • Automotive
  • Open or closed tanks and containers, water reservoirs, wells and waste water
  • Water-in-oil measurements
  • Laboratory and analysis equipment

The Transmitter Shop is a one stop shop for all your requirements related to level measurement equipment, flow control equipment, and more. To know more about the products and services, feel free to contact us.