Oil & Gas

Providing Efficient and Durable Oil and Gas Measurement Sensors

The continual demand for gas for various applications has made the oil and gas industries one of the most important sectors in the world today. The process of drilling and unearthing oil and gas is extremely dangerous and needs to be performed carefully, yet efficiently. Using the right type of measurement products can ensure successful oil and gas drilling. The Transmitter Shop (TTS) provides a variety of oil & gas sensors for applications.

TTS Offerings and Features

We provide a variety of controllers, transmitters, gas pressure switches, and level sensors for oil & gas industries. We recommend the following product solutions to our customers.

  • Control Valves: Control valves can be used to control flow, pressure, liquid levels, as well as temperatures. A few examples of control valves offered by TTS include:
    • Full Bore Pipeline Ball Valves: These valves can be used for general service and throttling applications.
    • Sanitary Valves: Sanitary valves can be used to throttle pure gases and liquids.
  • Pressure and Temperature Transmitters: These can be designed to measure liquid levels, as well as interface liquids. They are designed with explosion and weatherproof housings, and have great turndown ratios.
  • Level Transmitters: Level transmitters can be provided with in-line, as well as coplanar sensors. They can be used with different types of process connections.
  • Pneumatic Controllers: These indicating controllers can be used to control flow, pressure, vacuum, and temperature.

Benefits of Our Product Range

The different types of solutions that we provide offers a variety of benefits to customers.

  • The control valves do not obstruct the flow of the liquid, and prevents clogging.
  • Pressure transmitters can be used in applications with varied operating conditions.
  • Temperature transmitters can handle high process temperature levels.
  • Pneumatic controllers can be designed with a broad range of control modes depending on the application.
  • Separate level transmitters can be provided for measuring gauge, absolute, and differential pressures.

Applications of Valves, Controllers, and Transmitters

Our various sensor and measurement products can be used in the following applications:

  • Tote Level Monitoring
  • Storage Tank Level Monitoring
  • Drilling Fluid (“Mud”) Tank Monitoring
  • Hydraulic and Lubricating Oil Reservoirs

All of the gas pressure sensors, controllers, and valves provided by TTS are from well-known brands. Customers can find similar product models from different brands. If you would to know more about our products, you can contact us via phone on +1-888-964-8837. You can also send us an email at