Controllers / Positioners

Controllers are control loop feedback mechanisms that are often found in industrial control systems. These systems comprise a number of components joined together to run a larger system. These systems are used to function a wide range of large-scale industrial applications, such as petrochemical plants, water treatment facilities, nuclear power facilities, and other establishments. The Transmitter Shop offers an array of various reliable controllers from famous brands to select from.

  1. 3582
  2. 3610J
  3. 4150-4160
  4. 6200
  5. 3610
  6. I2P
  7. DVC2000
  8. 846
  9. 546
  10. 3582i
  11. 3620J
  12. 3620JP

Types of Controllers:

TTS offers two types of controllers: pneumatic process, and electronic process controllers.

  • Pneumatic Process Controllers:

     Because of their simple structure, these controllers are easy to maintain. These controllers are often energized by compressed air. Since there are no electronic components, these controllers are safe for use around combustibles, and are considered to be quite reliable.
  • Electronic Process Controllers:

     The electronic process controllers have a quicker response time as compared to pneumatic controllers. There is no time lag or transmission delay.

The Transmitter Shop has Different Types of Positioners

Positioners are usually used for moving a control valve to a definite position. This helps a process meet specific parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow.

A positioner is fitted to the yoke of an actuator. It is linked to the spindle of the actuator by a feedback arm to monitor valve position. When a control signal varies from the valve actuator’s position, the valve positioner sends the essential power to move the actuator till the correct position of the valve actuator is reached.

An array of positioners are available at The Transmitter Shop from different brands. Positioners from Fisher provide the most precise, and reliable performance in the industry.

Types of Positioners:

There are four types of positioners as explained below:

  • Pneumatic Positioners:

     These types of positioners send and receive pneumatic signals. They can provide a large amount of force to close a valve. There are two sub-types of pneumatic positioners.
    • Single-acting or three-way pneumatic positioners
    • Double-acting or four-way pneumatic positioners
  • Electric Valve positioners:

     Electrical valve positioners are responsible for sending and receiving electrical signals. There are three types of electric actuation, namely, direct current (DC) voltage, single-phase and three-phase alternating current (AC).
  • Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioners:

     Electro-pneumatic valve positioners are responsible for converting current control signals into equivalent pneumatic signals.
  • Digital Positioners:

     Digital positioners use a microprocessor that help position the valve actuator, as well as monitor and record data. They are very precise, allow for online digital diagnostics, and use less air compared to analogue positioners.

The Transmitter Shop is a one stop solution for all your needs related to controllers and positioners. Controllers and positioners from several well-known and reliable brands are available with us. To know more, feel free to get in touch with us.