Gauge Pressure Transmitters

Accurate pressure measurements are one of the important requirements in various process industries. There are different types of pressure measurement such as gauge, absolute, and differential pressure measurement. Of these, gauge or gage pressure measurement is performed using gauge pressure transmitters. These devices are designed to measure the pressure in relation to ambient atmospheric pressure. The output of a gauge pressure sensor will vary according to the atmosphere or at varying altitudes. At The Transmitter Shop (TTS), we provide a wide range of industry-leading Rosemount gauge pressure transmitters for various industrial applications.
  1. IGP10
  2. 3051ST
  3. 3051C
  4. 3051S
  5. 3051T
  6. 2088
  7. 2051T
  8. 2051C

Gauge Pressure Transmitter Working Principle

Gauge pressure transmitters are used in reference to the atmospheric pressure. If the gauge pressure is found to be higher than the outside pressure, then it is referred to as positive pressure. However, if the gauge pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure, then it is known as negative pressure.

Gauge pressure transmitters feature a single pressure port. The transmitter may feature a measuring cell, seal diaphragm, and filling liquid. Ambient pressure is the main input variable, which is transferred to the pressure sensor through the seal diaphragm as well as the filling liquid. A gauge pressure transmitter allows ambient air pressure to be exposed to the negative side of the diaphragm. This enables an accurate measurement in reference to the ambient pressure.

Products of Rosemount Gauge Pressure Transmitters

Gauge pressure transmitters from Rosemount are known for their long-term stability as well as accuracy. This is why they are widely used in various challenging industrial environments. Owing to their increasing demand, we stock a wide range of Rosemount gage pressure transmitters. The following are few of the most popular ones in our inventory:

  • 3051TG:

    These pressure transmitters have set industry standards for gage and absolute pressure measurement. Rosemount 3051T in-line pressure transmitters possess an in-line and compact design, which assures their easy connection to a process as well as quick installation. The following features of 3051TG pressure transmitters have contributed to their popularity.
    • Assuring 0.04% span accuracy, these pressure transmitter provide you all the necessary information required to run, monitor, and control processes.
    • In-line absolute and gage pressure measurements support up to 20,000 psi (1378, 95 bar) for level and pressure solutions.
    • They supports a wide range of industry protocols, which enables easy integration with various host environments.
    • Their Local Operator Interface (LOI) enables quick commissioning of the device, as well as provides easy access to the device information.

  • 3051C:

    These pressure transmitters are designed for gage, absolute, and differential pressure measurements. The coplanar platform of this transmitter enables quick and easy integration with level and flow solutions. The following are a few beneficial features of these gauge pressure transmitters:
    • Offered as fully-assembled devices, these transmitters can be readily installed across all locations, and they assure high reliability and performance.
    • Pressure assemblies in these transmitters are leak-tested and are calibrated to reduce their leak points up to 70%.
    • Offered with 150:1 range down ratio, the transmitter produces reliable results in challenging environments.

  • 2088:

    The Rosemount 2088 gage pressure transmitter enables easy and quick installation in challenging work environments. This pressure transmitter is widely chosen for gage and absolute pressure measurements, owing to the following beneficial features:
    • Compact footprint and lightweight design of these transmitters enable easy installation in various industrial environments.
    • Compatibility with industry protocols such as 4-20 mA HART and 1-5 VDC enables it to assure high application flexibility.
    • Remote seal solutions as well as leak-checked and factory assembled integral manifolds enable a quick start-up.

  • 2051:

    Rosemount 2051C and Rosemount 2051 In-line pressure transmitters are widely used for gauge measurements. Rosemount 2051C is equipped with the patented coplanar technology, and it offers the flexibility of installation for integrated level, flow, or pressure solutions. The following features of Rosemount 2051C make it an ideal pressure measurement choice for your industry:
    • Provided as a fully assembled package with diaphragm seals, manifolds, or primary flow elements, which makes installation quick and easy
    • Local Operator Interface features built-in configuration buttons, as well as easy-to-use menus that helps streamline commissioning
    • Assures 0.05% of span accuracy

Rosemount 2051 In-line pressure transmitters are used for absolute and gauge measurements. They deliver reliable process data. In addition to that, the following features have contributed to its popularity:

  • Suited for gage and absolute pressure measurements up to 10,000 psig (689,47 bar)
  • Intuitive Local Operator Interface (LOI) helps streamline installation
  • Compatible with communication protocols such as 4-20 mA HART®, WirelessHART®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, PROFIBUS®, 1-5 V Low Power HART®.

  • 3051S:

    Rosemount 3051S pressure transmitters are equipped with patented Coplanar technology, which enable optimized performance. The following features can be attributed to their increasing popularity in various industries.
    • Scalable architecture of this transmitter helps improve functionality and process connections.
    • The transmitter is provided in a fully assembled and leak tested package, which enables easy installation and maintenance.
    • Ultra Flow and Ultra performance classes assure 15-year stability.
    • The 200:1 rangedown ratio produces reliable measurements.
    • Both, the remote interface and display provide easy access to device and process information.

At TTS, we possess a vast experience in serving clients across industries. We also understand the accuracy the requirements of those industries. Although most Rosemount gauge pressure transmitters assure high levels of accuracy, the selection of the right transmitter is important. Our experts will work with the clients to understand their specific requirements before providing them the right solutions. We help them choose from factory new, reconditioned, and surplus transmitters available with us. Please get in touch with our team to gain more understanding on Rosemount gauge pressure transmitters.