Rosemount 3051ST Pressure Transmitters

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  • Two-wire 4-20 mA is user-selectable for linear or square root output. Digital signal based on HART Protocol.
Measurement Range
  • 3051S_TA: 0-0.3 to 0-10,000 psia
  • Classic: +0.035% of span, For spans less than 10:1: ±[0.015 + 0.005(URL / Span)]% of span
  • Ultra: +0.025% of span, For spans less than 10:1: ±[0.005 + 0.0035(URL / Span)]% of span
  • Ultra for Flow(3051S_CD Only, Ranges 2-3): +0.04% of reading up to 8:1 DP turndown from URL, or ±[0.04 + 0.0023(URL / Reading)]% of reading to 200:1 DP turndown from URL
Power Required
  • 3051S: 10.5-42.4 V dc with no load
  • 3051S with Advanced HART Diagnostic Suite: 12-42.4 V dc with no load
Materials of Construction
  • Sensor Wetted Parts: 316L SST, Hastelloy
  • Sensor Fill Fluid: Silicone, Inert (Halocarbon) (3051S_TG Only)
Process Flange
  • Carbon Steel, SST
  • Patented Rosemount Coplanar technology offers optimized performance as a pressure, DP Flow and DP Level solution
  • Best-in-class, scalable architecture enhances performance, functionality and process connections
  • Transmitter arrives fully assembled and leak tested for simple installation and maintenance
  • All-welded hermetic SST SuperModule platform resists overpressure and line pressure effects to ensure 0.025% accuracy
  • Ultra and Ultra for Flow performance classes deliver 15-year stability and 15-year limited warranty
  • 200:1 rangedown produce reliable measurements and wide application flexibility
  • Integrates seamlessly with 4-20 mA HART®, WirelessHART®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus protocols for application flexibility
  • SIL 2/3 certified to IEC 61508 (via 3rd party) and prior-use certificate of FMEDA data for safety installations
  • Remote display and interface offers easy access to process and device information


Rosemount 3051S In-line Pressure Transmitters have compact design, which enables direct connection between a process and the transmitter. This helps speed-up the installation process, and thus making it easier and cost-effective. These transmitters are the industry leaders for Absolute and Gage pressure measurements.

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