Instrument Manifold

Manifolds are instruments that come with one or more valves, which can be connected to a transmitter. There are some specially designed manifolds to be mounted to a pressure transmitter. They are mostly made of stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloys. Manifolds can be a perfect alternative to multivalve systems. Manifolds are widely used in sectors such as oil & gas, chemicals, wastewater, power, and so on. They help measure static, variable, gauge, and differential pressures. There are a variety of manifold valves you can buy at The Transmitter Shop.

Buy Instruments Manifold at The Transmitter Shop

Instrument manifolds offer a compact installation system for gauges and transmitters. Depending on your application, you can choose the number of valves. Instead of relying on just one valve to open or close, a manifold facilitates two or more valves along with a vent for releasing pressure. Manifolds assure safety, leak-proof mechanism, and minimal vibrations. Here are a few types of manifolds and valves available at The Transmitter Shop:
  • KMM4A 3-Valve:

    This mini manifold is a low-cost small-sized system that has a backseat stream design that prevents blowout issues and o-ring stem seal that prevents corrosion of stem threads.
  • A/S Schneider Manifold S Type Block and Bleed Manifold:

    This manifold is designed for mounting to pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, and pressure switches. The standard vent connection is 1/4 NPT female. It comes with a range of relevant accessories and mounting bracket kits. 
  • KM6A 5-Valve:

    These are lightweight manifolds and do not require any additional support when installed in meter tubing. It is designed for recording orifice meters that are used to measure the flow rate.
  • AS-Schneider Direct Mount 2 Valve Manifold:

    This is designed for direct mounting to pressure transmitters with standard flange connections in accordance with DIN EN 61518 / IEC 61518. This manifold comes with accessories and mounting bracket kits
  • KM4A 3-Valve:

    This manifold has two main block valves and an equalizing valve. It is suitable for direct-to-pipe stand mounting.

Valve Manifold

Valves are an extremely important and integral part of industries wherein fluids are used or manufactured. These fluids could range from chemicals to water and foods. Valves help control fluid-based processes and prevent leakage and backflow. The common types of valves used in this system include ball, bleed, needle, and vent. When these valves are configured in a single system such as a manifold, there are a number of benefits, this system as a whole offers. Here are a few of them listed:
  • This system is compact and in close contact with the transmitter; hence there is minimal risk of leakage.
  • Since the transmission paths are shorter than normal systems, the fluctuations in heat and pressure drops are minimized.
  • The above two factors improve the overall efficiency of the process.
  • They can be fitted in smallest of spaces owing to their compact size.
  • Manifolds are easy to install and hence reduce the installation cost of several valves.

So, all in all, if you are looking to install manifolds for your industry, The Transmitter Shop facilitates your decision making by offering technical assistance. We enable our clients across the globe to avail from high-quality products at best prices, especially on bulk and wholesale purchases depending on your requirements. You can choose from a wide variety of instruments such as 2-valve, 3-valve, 5-valve, and so on, with specific features to suit your requirements.