Instrument Manifold

Kerotest manifolds are distribution systems or devices used in process industries to stop upstream fluid or gas from mixing with downstream fluid or gas. The manifold features several small channels, or pipes that lead to a bigger channel, or pipe. The Transmitter Shop (TTS) provides branded Kerotest manifold valves for gas, oil, and various process industries.

  1. KMM4A 3-VALVE
  2. S Type Block and Bleed Manifold
    S Type Block and Bleed Manifold
  3. KM6A 5-VALVE
    KM6A 5-VALVE
  4. T2A Type
    T2A Type
  5. KM4A 3-VALVE
    KM4A 3-VALVE
  6. T3AT3B Type
    T3AT3B Type
  7. KM110 3-VALVE
    KM110 3-VALVE
  8. T5AT5N Type
    T5AT5N Type
  9. KM1 3 -VALVE
    KM1 3 -VALVE
  10. H2A Type
    H2A Type
  11. KMC5G
  12. H3AH3B Type
    H3AH3B Type
  13. KM251 2-VALVE
    KM251 2-VALVE
  14. W2RA Type
    W2RA Type
  15. KM9
  16. W3RA Type
    W3RA Type
  17. W5RA Type
    W5RA Type
  18. 5D Type
    5D Type
  19. 304
  20. 305
  21. 306

Types of Kerotest Manifold Valves Provided by The Transmitter Shop

Following are some of the popular types of Kerotest Manifolds provided by us:

  • Kerotest Block and Bleed Gauge Valves: : These manifolds feature block and a bleed valves. They are used to block the fluid flow in the system, and help prevent contamination. We provide the following types of block and bleed gauge valves from Kerotest:
    • KM9 Block and Bleed Valve: These valves with rugged construction are compact, economical, and available in soft seat as well as metal versions.
    • KM251 2-Valves: These are 2-valve, single outlet valves, which are used for gauge isolation. These valves are also used for venting, and calibration operations. Available with a standard as well as high – temperature and pressure bonnets.
  • Kerotest Integral Valves: : These manifolds are designed to be used with specific brands of transmitters. We provide the following types of integral manifold valves
    • Kerotest KMC5G 5-Valve Integral Manifold: These five-valve manifolds can be used with Rosemount transmitters 3051P, 3051C, 2024, and 3095 Multivariable transmitters. These manifolds are used for power plant applications.
  • Kerotest Traditional Manifolds:These manifolds are designed for special conditions, where mounting, confined spaces, as well as differential pressures, can be a big concern. We provide the following types of traditional Kerotest manifolds:
    • Kerotest KM1 and Kerotest KM110 3-Valve Differential Pressure Manifolds: These manifolds are designed for applications where direct mounting is not possible. These 3-valve manifolds are used in combination with recording orifice meters, and differential pressure indicators. These manifolds can be designed with soft or metal seats.
    • Kerotest KM4A 3-Valve Differential Pressure Manifolds:These manifolds are designed for remote, or direct mounting to 54 mm differential pressure transmitters. It features an equalizing valve and two main valves.
    • Kerotest KMM4A 3-Valve Differential Pressure Manifolds: These manifolds are low-cost alternatives to 3- fold, full-sized manifolds. The KMM4A manifolds can be direct, close, or remote mounted.
    • Kerotest KM6A 5-Valve Natural Gas Manifolds: The KM6A 5- valve natural gas manifolds are designed for natural gas applications. These manifolds are mounted in the tubing from the orifice flange.

Benefits of Kerotest Manifold Valves

The Kerotest Manifold products are built to perform under high pressures. Every model provided by TTS possess features that will drive value for your applications.

  • Space Saving Design: The space saving compact design makes these manifolds ideal for a variety of complex industrial applications. This design helps utilize space efficiently, and reduces installation costs.
  • Zero Stem Blowouts: : The stem at the backseat helps prevent problems caused by blowouts.
  • Improved Valve Life: The bonnet caps help increase valve life, and maintain the durability of stem threads. Also, the metal-to-metal seal between the body and bonnet prevents bonnet breakage, and assures reliable sealing.
  • Reduced Corrosion: The O-rings stem seal helps reduce corrosion of stem threads.
  • Long Service Life:Isolated stem threads separate process fluids, and ensure leak-proof operation and long service life.
  • Easy Mounting: Kerotest manifolds feature direct-to-pipe stand mounting, which allows complete loop installation without disturbing the instrument, or transmitter.
  • Money and Labor Savers:One valve performs multiple tasks, and helps save on labor, and money.