Our Services

Discount pricing, quality products, large inventory availability for quick shipment and a two-year warranty are the fundamental offerings of The Transmitter Shop's unique service.

As a distributor, TTS focuses on providing complete services related to seal, transmitter, and valve products. Customers can choose from new surplus, factory new, and reconditioned transmitters. We provide various types of remote seal pressure transmitters for electric industrial applications. The control valves allow for accurate setup and adjustment of industrial processes. We also provide transmitter calibration and repair services for all three products.

All industrial measurement and sealing products provide by TTS are available at discounted prices. We have a large inventory of products to ensure that we can always meet our clients’ requirements. Also, all of our products are offered with two year warranties.

An array of quality products, quick delivery processes, warranty and repair services supports are some of the unique aspects that make TTS the leader in industrial instruments and sealing products.

About Transmitter Shop

The Transmitter Shop (TTS) is a 38 year old organization, which specializes in providing industrial instruments, and sealing products. Since 1984, we have been supplying products to some of the largest companies across the globe. We have one of the largest inventories in America, and help meet our customers’ requirements with ready-to-ship quality products of the best brands. TTS serves its customers with experienced and knowledgeable staff, technicians, quality agents, and superior customer service.