Remote Seals

Why Remote Seal Pressure Transmitters used in Complex Environments?

Remote seal pressure transmitters are used when it becomes necessary to isolate the transmitter from the process due to various reasons. The Transmitter Shop provides high quality remote seal pressure transmitters for complex process industries.

Benefits of Remote Seal Pressure Transmitters

The following benefits of TTS remote seal pressure transmitters make them perfect for various process industries.

  • The pressure transmitter and the medium are separated to avoid dangerous consequences.
  • The transmitters are available in a vast variety and customized designs.
  • They are designed to withstand rigors of harsh working environments.
  • Remote seal transmitters offered by TTS are FDA grade. These transmitters are ideal for the food and pharmaceutical applications.

Applications of Remote Seal Pressure Transmitters

TTS’s remote seal pressure transmitters are ideal to use when:

  • The temperature of the process medium is higher than the maximum specified limits of the pressure transmitter.
  • The medium has solid particles, or has high viscous consistency. In both cases, there are chances of measuring chambers of the pressure transmitter getting blocked.
  • The medium may freeze in the pulse line, or the measuring chamber.
  • The medium is heterogeneous, or has fibrous texture.
  • The medium has a tendency to crystallize or polymerize during swings in the process or ambient temperature.
  • The medium is corrosive and demands diaphragm seals.
  • The process demands cleaning of the measuring point. For example – In a batch process, remote seal transmitters are used to avoid contamination between batches.
  • The process demands sanitary seals to avoid dead volume and cavities. For example –food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.
  • The process application is conducted in a limited space.

Industries Using Pressure Measurement Remote Seals

The following are some of the industries that use pressure measurement remote seals.

  • Hydrocarbon Processing
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverages

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