Fisher Control Valves and Positioners

Fisher is one of the global providers of reliable controllers/positioners, control valves, regulators, and a variety of performance devices for the process control industries. All these solutions feature innovative designs and are proven to help plant operators reduce their maintenance costs, capital investments, and increase product safety, reliability, and productivity. Also, these solutions help the process owners to adhere to regulatory compliances. Being one of the largest providers of process control devices, The Transmitter Shop (TTS) owns one of the largest inventories of Fisher Products in the US. We are committed to delivering only the quality products at the shortest turnaround times.

Types of Fisher Products Provided by The Transmitter Shop

Our inventory comprises the following Fisher Products:
  • Fisher Control Valves: The control valves are known for their reliable performance. These parts are designed to control the flow of a variety of flowing fluids, such as steam, gas, water, as well as harsh chemical compounds. The valves help keep the regulated process variables close to the ideal set point by compensating the load disturbance. Our inventory features a wide variety of valves used for automation applications, as well as cryogenic applications.
  • Fisher Controllers/ Positioners: These devices provide insights of the valve assembly and their performance. Fisher Controllers/ Positioners can predict poor valve performance, reliability, and productivity. Our inventory includes a comprehensive variety of pneumatic single acting, double acting, as well as digital valve controllers. Insights provided these devices enable the operators to take necessary measures for correction, thereby aiding them to maximize their process uptime, minimize maintenance costs, and boost their productivity.
  • Fisher Accessories: The accessories from Fisher help improve the performance of Fisher Control Valves, Controllers, and Transmitters.

Over the years, TTS has built a strong reputation of serving consumers across the various process industries. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements, and provide them with value-effective solutions. Our experts help them to make the right selection of products after understanding their requirements. This helps our clients maximize their process efficiency, by minimizing their downtime. Are you interested in any of the above-mentioned Fisher products? Please contact us at the earliest. We would be happy to serve you.