Multivariable Transmitters

Multivariable transmitters are special types of devices, which are used to measure as well as calculate the mass flow as a function of DP (differential pressure), temperature, and absolute pressure. These transmitters are used in a wide range of applications by several industries. Why? They reduce the number of devices required to on the field. How? You just need to have one multivariable transmitter and a mass flow calculator installed, instead of having a number of different transmitters. Thus, these devices play an important role in a number of processes in most industries, and therefore it is a wise decision to source them from expert manufacturers or suppliers. The Transmitter Shop is one such reliable, and experienced distributor of high-quality multivariable transmitters in the US.

  1. 3051SMV
  2. 4088

Working Principle of Multivariable Transmitters

A multivariable transmitter features a unique single capsule sensor design. The primary measuring means of this transmitter is a piezo-resistive sensor. Highly precise and stable measurements can be achieved using this transmitter, thanks to its sensor, which consists of an absolute or gauge pressure sensor, and a differential pressure sensor.

These transmitters operate smoothly with the help of their flexible software, which enables them to carry out flow calculations for gases, liquids, as well as steam. Complex variables are included in the flow calculations, along with the compensation of pressure and/or temperature. These variables include:

  • Gas expansion factor
  • Discharge coefficient
  • Viscosity
  • Thermal expansion factor
  • The velocity of approach factor

Capabilities of Multivariable Transmitters Provided by the Transmitter Shop

The Transmitter Shop has the capability to provide you multivariable transmitters in a wide range of specifications, such as:

Measurement Range Up to 2000 psi (137,89 bar) differential, Up to 3626 psi (250,00 bar) static
Process Wetted Material 316L SST, Alloy C-276, Tantalum, Gold-plated 316L SST
Rangeability up to 400:1
Mass Flow Accuracy up to 0.6%
Accuracy Differential Pressure: 0.04%
Static Pressure: 0.0375%
Temperature: 0.2°C
Rangedown Up to 200:1
Certifications / Approvals NSF

Beneficial Features of the Multivariable Transmitters Provided by Us

Our multivariable transmitters are preferred by most industries in a number of applications, owing to their several beneficial features, which are as follows:

  1. Precise Measurements:

    The overall performance is improved by using these transmitters. These devices provide a great precision in flow measurement. In addition to this, the RTD measurement accuracy is also improved by around 70%.
  2. Built-in Features:

    These transmitters feature a built-in safe feature for flow measurements. Additionally, they also consist of a built-in temperature and pressure compensation.
  3. Display:

    These measurement devices have multiple local display capabilities, which gives an in-depth understanding of varying variables.
  4. Fully Assembled DP Flow:

    These differential pressure transmitters are fully assembled, and tested before their shipment. Also, they are leak checked, which helps ensure optimal performance by reducing leak points.
  5. Compensate Flow Readings:

    When there is a change in line pressure and process temperature, these transmitters are capable of compensating the flow readings accordingly.

Applications of Multivariable Pressure Transmitters

The multivariable transmitters find their use in a wide range of applications, thanks to their design, construction, and hence capabilities. These transmitters can easily do a job of several transmitters, and thus are preferred by many industries. Here are some most common application areas of these transmitters:

  • Pneumatic Conveyance Systems
  • Industrial Oven Vent Lines
  • Industrial Drying Processes
  • Combustion Air
  • Scrubbers
  • Liquid Measurement
  • Gas & Natural Gas Measurement
  • Process Exhaust Systems
  • Saturated & Superheated Steam Measurement

Want to know more about these highly efficient transmitters? Get in touch with our professionals today, and we would be happy to help you.