Absolute Pressure Transmitters

Absolute pressure is the pressure measured in a complete vacuum with no contents inside, wherein the reference point is absolute zero. Barometric pressure is an instance of absolute pressure. An absolute pressure transmitter works as Absolute pressure sensor with remote seals. The Transmitter Shop (TTS) is a reliable supplier of absolute pressure transmitters from recognized brands such as Emerson. We offer Rosemount absolute pressure transmitters by Emerson in a variety of configurations. Our selection features various coplanar absolute pressure transmitters, which are based on the patented Rosemount Coplanar Technology that offers optimum performance in terms of pressure measurement, flow rate calculation, and level.
  1. 3051ST
  2. 3051S
  3. 3051T
  4. 2088
  5. 2051T
  6. 2051C

Working Principle of an Absolute Pressure Transmitter

These transmitters work on the principle of absolute zero and not relative pressure. They are not influenced by external atmospheric changes such as altitude or air pressure fluctuations. Since they have no connection with the external system, they do not need an exhaust or a release node. They convert mechanical energy or pressure into an electrical signal. So, here the pressure measured is relative to the vacuum created in the system.

Rosemount Absolute Pressure Transmitter Models

The Transmitter Shop (TTS) offers a variety of Rosemount absolute pressure transmitter models. Here are some models of Rosemount absolute pressure transmitters:

Common Beneficial Features of Rosemount Absolute Pressure Transmitters

Each Rosemount absolute pressure transmitter has some unique as well as common features. Here are some common beneficial features of Rosemount absolute pressure transmitters:

  • Most Rosemount models are available in absolute pressure transmitter range from 0 to 10000 psi for pressure and level solutions.
  • Most of the Rosemount models are designed to measure either absolute or gage pressure depending upon your application requirement.
  • For most models, the user can select the output, which is either linear or square root. They offer a digital signal output based on the HART protocol.
  • They have a rugged design, and the materials of construction comprise carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy C-276, or Hastelloy.
  • We offer smart pressure transmitters which can be directly mounted onto the impulse line without the need for any additional brackets.
  • They are equipped with smart communication systems, a leak-checked integral manifold, and external push button zero and span capabilities.
  • They start up fast, and are compact and lightweight.
  • They are certified for use in hazardous environments, boilers, and so on.
  • They have an absolute pressure sensor with remote seals.

Applications of Rosemount Absolute Pressure Transmitters

These transmitters are used to measure the level, temperature, pressure, and flow rate of fluids and gases in closed systems, across industries. Here are some industries where absolute pressure transmitters and absolute pressure sensors are used:

If you are specifically looking for a Rosemount absolute pressure transmitter model for your application, The Transmitter Shop has it for sure. If you are not sure which one is right for you, we are more than happy to help you make a decision. Do go through the collection of absolute pressure transmitters listed on our website. If you have any specific queries about the Rosemount absolute pressure transmitters, you can contact us on phone or email.