Foxboro Temperature Transmitters

With several years of legacy in the development, design and manufacture of process automation solutions, Foxboro assures that their temperature transmitters are unsuppressed in quality, reliability and durability. Designed for easy installation in a wide variety of temperature measurement applications, these transmitters are manufactured to offer the best-in-class accuracy level. These microprocessor-based temperature transmitters are equipped with industrial-grade integrated circuits and sealed electronics. At The Transmitter Shop (TTS), we are committed to offer only those extremely reliable products and hence you will find various models of Foxboro Temperature Transmitters right here.

  1. RTT20-RTT15

Beneficial Features of Foxboro Temperature Transmitters Provided by Us

Foxboro’s temperature transmitters are the best for the demanding temperature applications in the process industry. The following features contribute to their success in the marketplace.
  • These transmitters are manufactured to support 2-, 3-, or 4-wire RTDs.
  • They come equipped with automatic self-diagnostics and self-calibration.
  • These temperature transmitters have LED Indicator Options offered with HART.
  • Foxboro Temperature Transmitters are designed with maximum/minimum temperature logging.
  • These reliable instruments are ideal for both remote and wall mounting. They are manufactured with weatherproof and explosion proof housings for remote mounting, integral sensor and wall mounting.
  • This model is available in the following specifications:
    • Accuracy - General Value
      • BUS: ±0.05% of reading for all input types.
      • HART: ±0.05% of span for all input types.
    • Ambient Temperature Limits:
      • Bus:
        • ± 0.002% of reading in °C per °C
        • ± 0.0011% of (°F reading - 32) per °F
      • HART:
        • ± 0.005% of span in °C per °C
        • ± 0.0028% of span in °F per °F
    • Supply Voltage Effect: The output changes < 0.005% of span for each 1 volt change within the specified voltage range
    • Response Time: 1 to 60 s, configurable
    • EMC Immunity Effect: ±0.1% of reading per EU (European Union) Directive 89/336/EEC
  • The instrument’s HART version is designed to take average or difference measurement. On the other hand, FOUNDATION fieldbus and PROFIBUS versions allow average, difference, or redundant measurement.
  • Foxboro Temperature Transmitters come with the standard 5-year warranty.

Applications of Foxboro Temperature Transmitters

Rather than the aforementioned features, ease of mounting and installation also make these transmitters widely chosen by customers from the following industries.
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical
  • Power and Utilities
  • Food and Beverage
  • Water/waste water
  • Refining
  • Metals and Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
When you have Foxboro Temperature Transmitters, precise temperature measurement even in hazardous areas is not at all a concern. With the longest standard and optional warrantee in the industry, these transmitters are largely sought-after for highly accurate temperature measurement