Foxboro Pneumatic Transmitters

Versatile, Accurate, and Durable Gauge Pressure Transmitters and Indicating Controllers

The Transmitter Shop (TTS) provides the complete range of Foxboro pneumatic gauge pressure transmitters and indicating controllers. The transmitter products are designed to measure temperatures and different types of pressures. The measurement is then provided in pneumatic output signals. Indicating controllers are designed to provide accurate pneumatic output signals after receiving mechanical input from measuring elements.

  1. 13HA
  2. 43AP
  3. 15A
  4. 13A
  5. 12A
  6. 11GM
  7. 11DM

Features of Pneumatic Gauge Pressure Transmitters

The following points are some common beneficial features of these transmitter products.

  • The covers are constructed out of high impact glass filled polycarbonate and supported by ASTMA193 body bolts.
  • Wetted parts include elements, connection blocks, and gaskets. These can be constructed from Monel, Viton, Ni-Span, Silicone rubber, and type 316 stainless steel.
  • The transmitters can be provided with a variety of optional features.
  • The transmitter pressure and temperature measurement ranges can be adjusted in terms of Pascal units, and static pressure.
  • The air consumption of all the units is low compared to other transmitters in the market.
  • The units can be calibrated for enhanced hysteresis, accuracy, and repeatability.

Features of Indicating Controllers

The following points are beneficial features of these indicating controllers.

  • They are compatible with a wide variety of measuring elements.
  • The controllers are designed for easy mounting on pipes, panels, or steel plate surfaces.
  • Output signals can be provided either as chart records, or as indications.
  • The controllers can be designed with a variety of control modes.
  • The controllers are prot4ected from environmental elements by weatherproof casings.

Variety of Industrial Applications

The Foxboro pneumatic gauge pressure transmitters can be used in applications that require measurement of gases, vapors, and liquids. These can include:

  • Oil and gas flow meters
  • Water treatment plants
  • Pump control monitoring systems
  • Heating systems
  • HVAC equipment

Customers will find seven new surplus, and reconditioned pneumatic gauge pressure transmitters. As TTS sells factory new items, we can provide any transmitter product from Foxboro. While this webpage comprises only seven products, we can provide and repair any type of Foxboro pneumatic pressure transmitter. Please contact us for more details.