Rosemount Wireless Transmitters

Managing the most demanding process control applications require transmitters with unmatched reliability and improved features. Being in the industry for over several years, we at The Transmitter Shop (TTS), know the rising demands for transmitters that are built to meet your application needs and improve your bottom line. We proudly offer an expansive selection of Rosemount wireless transmitters that assure safety, compliance with standards and optimum performance. These customized, configurable process management equipment guarantee a fast and easy installation.
  1. 3051ST
  2. 3051S
  3. 3051T
  4. 2051T
  5. 2051C

Models of Rosemount Wireless Transmitters we Offer at TTS

Our range of installation-ready Rosemount wireless transmitters have proven their stability in demanding environments. The following are the models we offer under this category.
  • 3051ST Pressure Transmitter:

    Developed for meeting the absolute and gauge pressure measurements, this model of wireless transmitters feature all-welded hermetic SST SuperModule platform, remote display and interface, scalable architecture, 15-year stability and 15-year limited warranty, among others.
  • 3051S Pressure Transmitter:

    Equipped with Coplanar TM, this model is known for its extremely rugged construction using 316L SST, Alloy C-276, Alloy 400, Tantalum, Gold-plated Alloy 400, Gold-plated 316L SST. It assures accurate measurement of gauge, differential, and absolute pressure measurement.
  • 3051T Pressure Transmitter:

    One of the flagship products, these wireless transmitters offer unmatched dynamic performance. Known for meeting diverse pressure measurement requirements, 3051T transmitters offer span accuracy of 0.04%.  
  • 2051T Pressure Transmitter:

    This in-line pressure transmitter is an economical solution for absolute and gauge measurement requirements. Delivering up to ±0.05% of span accuracy, it comes fully equipped to assure straightforward installation.
  • 2051C Pressure Transmitter:

    This coplanar pressure transmitter, which is designed for flow, pressure, or level measurement applications, offers performance up to 0.05% of span accuracy. Made using 316L SST, Alloy C-276, and Tantalum, it assures reliable performance in adverse environments.

Beneficial Features of Rosemount Wireless Transmitters

Highly rated for overall performance, Rosemount wireless transmitters are designed in compliance with several regulatory standards. With enhanced performance, functionality and process connections, they reduce maintenance and downtime substantially. The other features that are common to all the models aforementioned are:
  • Lower installation costs compared to their wire counterparts
  • Unparalleled ease-of-use
  • Greater than 99% data reliability
  • Seamless integration in applications
  • Factory-assembled and leak-tested

Industries that Benefit from Rosemount Wireless Transmitters

As mentioned earlier, Rosemount is the name you can trust when it comes to wireless transmitters. Guaranteed providing remarkable accuracy and stability, they are used across several sectors of the industries including:

Being a distributor of Rosemount products, we ensure to keep a rich inventory of ready-to-ship transmitters. With quick turn delivery and unmatched customer assistance, we cater to meet the rising demands of the customers all time every time. Confused to make the right selection from the models displayed? Let us know your specific application requirements. The team at TTS will analyze your application requirements and suggest you an ideal model that rightly fits in your purpose.