Rosemount Gauge Pressure Transmitters

Gauge pressure or overpressure can have a severe impact on process outcomes. This is why it becomes important to measure it appropriately. A gauge pressure transmitter is used for this purpose, and the device compares the process pressure with the ambient air pressure. The pressure readings take into account the atmospheric weight. Many pressure transmitters are known to show fluctuations due to changes in atmospheric weight or ambient air pressure. This is where Rosemount gauge pressure transmitters by Emerson stand out. Equipped with advanced sensor technologies, these pressure transmitters provide accurate gauge pressure readings. At The Transmitter Shop (TTS), we stock a wide variety of new, reconditioned, and surplus Rosemount pressure gauge transmitters from Emerson. These pressure transmitters have been widely used across industries for accurate gauge pressure measurements.
  1. 3051C
  2. 3051ST
  3. 3051S
  4. 3051T
  5. 2051T
  6. 2051C
  7. 2088
Types of Rosemount Gauge Pressure Transmitters Provided by TTS

Our selection features two types of Rosemount gauge pressure transmitters – in-line and coplanar. The coplanar transmitters feature a plane with two isolating diaphragms. In this transmitter, the isolating diaphragm on the low side is vented to the atmosphere. The in-line transmitter features only one isolating diaphragm and is comparatively lighter than the coplanar type. The following are a few popular models of Rosemount gauge pressure transmitters available with us.

  • 3051ST: This is an in-line pressure transmitter from Rosemount used for gauge and absolute pressure measurements. 3051 ST features best-in-class scalable architecture, which helps enhance its performance and functionality. It features a compact-sized design which makes it easy to establish a connection between the transmitter and the process.
  • 3051C: Equipped with Emerson’s Coplanar TM technology, this transmitter is offered as a fully assembled device, which makes it’s installation across locations easy. The transmitter assemblies within this transmitter are leak tested. Further, it is calibrated, which helps reduce its leak points to 70%. It has a 150:1 range down ratio, which assures its accuracy in various challenging environments.
  • 3051S: This is a gauge pressure transmitter equipped with Emerson’s patented Coplanar technology.  It is offered in Ultra Performance and Ultra Flow classes, which assures 15-year stability. The transmitter is offered in leak tested and fully assembled package. This makes its installation and maintenance easy. This Rosemount pressure gauge transmitter is offered in a 200:1 range down ratio, which assures accurate results.
  • 3051T: This is an in-line pressure transmitter that features a single isolating diaphragm and is designed for gauge and absolute pressure measurements from 0.3 to 10,000 psi. Equipped with advanced sensor technology, this pressure transmitter assures a reference accuracy of 0.065% of span. It has an additional installed five-year stability of ±0.125%, which means it assures stable performance over the five years period in most challenging conditions.
  • 2088: This Rosemount gauge pressure transmitter provides reliable and stable pressure measurements in challenging conditions. It is designed for gauge and absolute pressure measurements up to 4000 psi. It is suited for any location where accurate readings may be a priority. It is compact-sized, which assures an easy connection between the process equipment and the transmitter.
  • 2051T: This pressure transmitter is designed for absolute and pressure measurements up to 10,000 psi. The Rosemount gauge pressure transmitter possesses a 100:1 range down with standard reference accuracy of 0.075%. It comes with extended two-year stability of 0.10%, which assures stable performance over the two years period in the most challenging conditions. This transmitter is also offered with an accuracy of 0.065% with 5-year stability for applications that require extreme precision.
  • 2051C: This pressure transmitter is equipped with a patented Coplanar platform, which assures easy integration of manifolds, primary elements, and diaphragm seal solutions. It comes with range down ratio of 100:1, which assures high accuracy. It offers reference accuracy of 0.075% and optional accuracy of 0.065% with a 5-year stability for applications demanding extreme precision in challenging applications.
Beneficial Features of Rosemount Gauge Pressure Transmitters
The following beneficial features of Rosemount gauge pressure transmitters have contributed to their popularity and increased use across industries.

  • The pressure transmitters feature a local operator interface (LOI) with built-in configuration buttons and easy-to-understand menus. These features make them easy to use.
  • They are available with protocols 4-20mA HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and 1-5 Vdc HART, which assures low power consumption.
  • All Rosemount gauge pressure transmitters feature a compact and lightweight design, which enables their easy installation in various challenging environments.
  • All gauge pressure transmitters are designed to assure long-term performance, reliability, and easy maintainability.
Applications of Rosemount Pressure Gauge Transmitters
We provide Rosemount gauge pressure transmitters for application in the following industries:
  • Wireless
  • Science Research
  • Oil and gas
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
At TTS, we have gained immense experience serving clients across industries. All Rosemount gauge pressure transmitters are designed to assure high accuracy in measurements. However, choosing the right transmitter is important for the desired results. Our in-depth understanding of industrial requirements enables us to help our clients choose the right transmitter for their application. Feel free to get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.