Pressure gauges are one of the most popular mechanical instruments used for measuring the internal pressure or vacuum of a system. These instruments are equipped with bourbon tube sensing elements, which are subjected to pressure flexes. The resulting movement is transmitted as a measurement through the dial face pointer.

The Transmitter Shop (TTS) stocks and delivers pressure gauges from industry-leading brands. These mechanical instruments are designed for harsh environments in petrochemical, oil, and energy sector.

Types of Pressure Gauges Provided by TTS

We can provide pressure gauges in a wide variety of ranges, sizes, and configurations. Our customers can select from the following:

  • Process Gauges:

    These pressure gauges are designed for applications where stability and accuracy are very important. We provide fully adjustable gauges with phenolic cases having protective solid fronts, and hinged blow-out back designs. These gauges aredesigned to withstand high pressure, and can be repaired for re-calibration.
  • Utility Gauges:

    These instruments are ideal for a broad range of commercial applications. These gauges are well-suited for various media. Our utility gauges are available in diverse specifications, and can be customized as per the requirement.

Benefits of TTS Pressure Gauge Offerings

Our customers can accrue a variety of benefits by ordering these pressure gauges:

  • Process gauges can withstand pressure up to 300% without rupturing the bourdon tube, and 130% pressure without losing accuracy.
  • Utility gauges provide safe and reliable performance in harsh environments. These gauges have internal components made from brass, and are provided with stainless steel cases.
  • All our pressure gauges have fillable, and durable construction, which makes them ideal for process industries.

Applications of TTS Pressure Gauges

Our pressure gauges are widely used in various industrial applications. Some of the popular applications using them are:

All TTS process gauges are from industry leading brands. To know more about our process gauges or other pressure measurement products, you can contact us via phone on +1-888-964-8837. You can also send us an email at