Temperature Transmitters

Temperature is the most important parameter to be measured in the process industry. Various types of temperature measurement devices are used for this purpose. Temperature transmitters are the most preferred temperature devices due to their measurement accuracy, excellent EMI protection, and galvanic isolation properties. The Transmitter Shop (TTS) provides branded temperature transmitters to its clients in the process industry.

  1. RTT20-RTT15
  2. 3144P
  3. 644
  4. 248
  5. 7501
  6. 6437D
  7. 5335D
  8. LI-24ALW

Types of Temperature Transmitters Provided by TTS

Following are the popular types of temperature transmitters in our inventory:

  • Explosion-Proof and Weather-Proof Temperature Transmitters:

    These temperature transmitters are made for harsh process environments. The explosion-proof, and weather-proof temperature transmitters feature external closures that are made from explosion-proof designated material or stainless steel. The external closure protects internal components. These transmitters provide accurate readings, and can be locally adjusted. 
  • DIN Rail Mounting Temperature Transmitters:

    These transmitters are also called panel mount transmitters, and are used across various industries. These transmitters are affordable, and can be paired with various sensors. Due to their DIN rail configurations, these transmitters can be easily mounted. We provide DIN rail mounting transmitters from the famous brand Foxboro. These transmitters can be easily paired with a variety of thermocouples and sensors.
  • Head Mounting Temperature Transmitters:

    These transmitters can be directly incorporated with the exterior housing, or sensor connection heads. The head mounting types of transmitters are very popular with our process industry clients due to their easy to install designs, and minimal wiring requirements. Most of the Rosemount temperature transmitters in our inventory are head, field, and DIN Rail mounting types.
  • Field Mounting Temperature Transmitters:

    These temperature transmitters are housed in their own exterior housing. This type of housing makes them ideal for external conditions, where extra protection may be required. These transmitters are usually located closer to sensors for better signaling.

Benefits of TTS’s Temperature Transmitters

Following are the few benefits that our customers accrue by ordering temperature transmitters from TTS:

  • Our inventory features only transmitters from the leading brands such as Honeywell, Rosemount, Foxboro, etc.
  • The temperature transmitters are backed with the manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • All temperature transmitters are guaranteed to provide accurate readings and tested for harsh temperature environments.
  • Our clients can avail new, as well as refurbished temperature transmitters from leading brands.

Applications of Temperature Transmitters

Our branded temperature transmitters are used in the following industries:

  • On-shore and Offshore Explorations
  • Power Plants
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Petrochemical Industries
  • Cement Processing Plants
  • Machine-building
  • Food and Beverage
  • Biotechnology

To know more about our branded temperature transmitters and other temperature measurement devices, you can contact us via phone on +1-888-964-8837. You can also send us an email at