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Accurate pressure measurement is a requisite in any process industry. Extreme high or low pressure measurements can lead to disastrous consequences. Pressure gauges are one of the most important pressure instruments used for the purpose. At The Transmitter Shop (TTS), we help our process industry clients with accurate pressure measurement with MPB/s McDaniel process gauges. These pressure gauges are designed to meet complex and harsh requirements of power, petrochemical, and process industries.

Common Features of McDaniel Process Gauges

McDaniel has developed process pressure gauges for the process industry, where safety is a prime concern. These pressure gauges are distinguished with the following features:

  • Solid and hinged blow-out back
  • Turret-style case
  • Scratch resistant, 4 mm thick, laminated safety glass lens

Specifications for MBP/s Process Gauges

Following specifications will help you understand what makes McDaniel process gauges the best in the industry:

  • Accuracy: 0.5% full scale to ASME 840.I standard (Grade 2A)
  • Case: Made from Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBTP), the case is fire retardant and impact resistant with an integral rear flange
  • Dial: Aluminum alloy construction, white background, and black figures
  • Pointer: Aluminum alloy construction, adjustable micrometer, and painted black
  • Lens: 4 mm/.16″ thick laminated safety glass
  • Lens Ring: Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBTP). Molded fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic
  • Movement: Precision stainless steel (Mechanical over range top)
  • Liquid Fillable Glycerin ( GF)
  • Bourdon Tube: Type 316 Stainless steel construction
    • C Form 600 PSI & Below
    • Spiral Form 800 PSI & Above
  • Blow-out Back: Molded fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic. The PBTP is hinged for safety, and it will not become a projectile.
  • Compensating Diaphragm: Elastomer with integral “O” ring seal. This diaphragm is filed ready for filling, is weatherproof, and hermetically sealed. No fill kit is required.
  • Stem and Socket: 316 Stainless steel (7/8″/ 22mm wrench flats), high quality “rolled” threads, bottom connection (1/4″, 1/2″ NPT or Metric), and helps prevent galling.
  • Options
    • Internals: Monel
    • Dial: Glow
    • Case: Colored Cases in red, blue, or yellow
    • Mounting: Panel Flange Kit
    • Indicators: Reflective

Benefits of McDaniel Pressure Gauges

Following benefits of McDaniel gauges makes them popular with our process industry customers:

  • Accuracy: There is an elastomer compensating diaphragm on the interior of the hinged blow-out back for equalizing case pressure. This diaphragm provides sealing against fill fluid leakage, and corrosive elements. Also, it helps maintain gauge accuracy.
  • Designed for High Pressure Environments: All process pressure gauges are designed to withstand full-scale pressure up to 300% without rupturing the bourdon tube, and full scale pressure up to 130% without losing accuracy.
  • Durable Construction: All McDaniel process gauges have fillable, watertight, and heavy-duty construction, which makes them a popular choice for the process industry.

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