Electronic Transmitters

Transmitters are used in many industries to measure and control variables. There is a wide range of transmitters depending on their construction, working, and applications. A pressure transmitter is one such type of an electronic transmitter, which converts the pressure into a proportional electrical signal. Again, there are different types of pressure transmitters used in diverse applications. However, the strain gage based transmitters are being used on a large scale in a huge number of applications. Why? Due to the wide range of beneficial features that they have. The Transmitter Shop can be your one-stop-solution for all types of transmitters used in the fluid control.
  1. IGP20
  2. IDP10
  3. IGP10

Working Principle of Electronic Transmitters

The strain gages of a pressure transmitter are connected to the diaphragm. The gages are then wired to the Wheatstone bridge configuration. Thus, when pressure is applied, the strain gages undergo physical deformation. This helps convert the pressure into a proportional electrical signal. How? The diaphragm of the transmitter experiences a deflection, when pressure is applied to the pressure transmitter. This deflection leads to strain in the gages, which further causes change in the electrical resistance. This change is proportional to the applied pressure.

Capabilities of Electronic Transmitters Provided by the Transmitter Shop

We, at Transmitter Shop, can provide you the electronic transmitters with different capabilities and specifications, such as:

Power Supply 24 to 40 VDC, 2 wire or 230 V +/-10%, 50 Hz, 4 wire
Output 4 to 20 mA DC
Load Limits 600 Ohms (Max.)
Torque Tube Materials SS 316 / INCONEL
Electronic Sensor RVDT
Linearity +/-1% of Span
Dead Band +/-1% of Span
Span & Zero Externally Adjustable
Accuracy +/-2% of Span
Repeatability +/-1% of Span
Mounting Internal

Currently, we have the capability to provide you with three variants of electronic pressure transmitters, which include IGP20 (gauge pressure), IDP10 (differential pressure), and IGP10 (gauge pressure) transmitters.

Beneficial Features of the Electronic Transmitters Provided by Us

These transmitters that we manufacture and supply are used in a wide range of applications and industries. The reason being their several beneficial features, which are as follows:

  1. We can provide you these transmitters in a wide range of configurations, such as direct connect, or remote mount seals.
  2. The silicon strain gauge sensors are being proven to be successful in a number of installations.
  3. These transmitters come with a number of options for mounting bracket set.
  4. They are compliant with FISCO/FNICO.
  5. They are capable of delivering an optimal measurement performance, thanks to their digital precision, stability, and resolution.
  6. The electronic transmitters are dual seal certified, and thus meet the requirements of ANSI/ISA 12.27.01-2003.
  7. These transmitters come with a standard 5-year warranty.

Applications of Electronic Pressure Transmitters

These transmitters are used in a wide range of applications to ensure that the right amount of pressure is maintained or not. Thus, machines do not apply too much or too little pressure, during the production. Apart from this, these transmitters can be used with other devices to measure:

  • Pressure Loss
  • Water Flow
  • Depth
  • Altitude

This measurement of pressure loss will help you to prevent any possible leaks in the system. Get in touch with our experts to know more about these transmitters.