Foxboro IDP10 Electronic Transmitter

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  • 4-20 mA Digital Signal, includes LCD Indicator with Pushbuttons for calibration and configuration
  • Intelligent: Digital FOXCOM or 4-20 mA, configurable
  • Intelligent: Digital HART and 4-20 mA
  • Voltage Output: 1-5 mV, Low Power
  • Span Limits: 0.5 in H2O and 3000 psid
  • Sensor Wetted Parts: Co-Ni-Cr, 316L ss, Hastelloy C, Monel, Tantalum, Gold-plated 316L ss.
  • Sensor Fill Fluid: Silicone, Flourinert
  • Process Flanges: CS, 316 ss, Hastelloy, Monel, pvdf(Kynar)
  • Long-term stability with drift is less than +0.05% of URL per year for 5-years.
  • Simple, elegant sensor packaging uses very few parts to achieve exceptionally high reliability
  • Co-Ni-Cr, 316L ss, and Nickel alloy (equivalent to Hastelloy® sensor materials for all transmitters.
  • NEMA 4X and IEC IP66 durable epoxy-coated aluminum, or 316 SS housings.
  • Can be provided with numerous configurations of direct connect or remote mount seals.
  • Integral process connections for sanitary, and pulp/paper installations.

The Foxboro IDP10 transmitter is designed to provide precise measurement of differential, gauge, and absolute pressure in various industrial and non-industrial environments. Belonging to Foxboro I/A series, these intelligent transmitters, along with a superimposed HART signal are capable of transmitting a 4-20 mA signal for remote monitoring and configuration.

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Features of Foxboro I/A Series Pressure Transmitters

I/A series pressure transmitters from Foxboro are known for their special features. The following are a few prominent ones among them:

  • Modular Electronics: The pressure transmitters of this series are equipped with a HART electronics module. As all calibration and configuration data is stored in the sensor, the HART module can be replaced with another module or migrated to another standards such as FOUNDATION Fieldbus, FoxCom™, and so on. All this can be done without transmitter recalibration or reconfiguration.
  • High Performance: The transmitters assure an accurate ±0.060% of calibrated span in the 4-20 mA linear mode and ±0.05% of calibrated span in the digital linear mode.
  • Ease of Installation: The Foxboro IDP10 model code pressure transmitters are provided with several user-friendly features such as rotatable topworks, two conduit entrances, and wiring guides and terminations.
    • Rotatable topworks allow easy installation in tight areas. They allow easy positioning of indicator in a preferred direction.
    • Two conduit entrances offer a wide range of entry positions. It also enables self-draining of condensation irrespective of topworks rotation or mounting position
    • Wiring guides and terminations facilitate easy wire entry and support. There is a large space available for storing excess wire and rugged screw terminals, which enable easy wire termination.
  • Innovative Cell Body Design and Process Cover: Foxboro IDP10 model code transmitters and other transmitters in I/A series possess biplanar construction. This construction supports the traditional process connections, as well as vertical mounting. The cell body is housed between two process covers, and is lightweight, with a pressure rating of 25 MPa (3626 psi). This innovative cell body design and process cover offers an easy retrofit for any differential pressure transmitter. It also enables easy mounting in horizontal position with vertical process connections, whenever needed.

Beneficial Features of Foxboro IDP10 Differential Pressure Transmitters

Foxboro IDP10 differential pressure transmitters are compact sized and enable direct process mounting. The following beneficial features of Foxboro IDP10 pressure transmitters make them a perfect choice for various industrial environments:

  • The transmitters are fitted with silicon strain gauge sensors, which are proven to offer the best results.
  • Available in low profile or traditional structures, these pressure transmitters feature simple sensor packaging. They have few moving parts, which contributes to their reliability.
  • Featuring rugged construction, Foxboro IDP10 transmitters are placed in a durable aluminum housing, which has a corrosion-resistant, epoxy finish. They can be availed in 316SS housing. Both these housing configurations meet IP66 and NEMA 4X ratings.
  • The transmitter can be provided as a sealed measurement system in configurations of capillary or direct connected seals.
  • This transmitter can be availed with the HART communication protocol in multidrop or single loop mode. It can be used locally using an optional LCD indicator.
  • Foxboro IDP10 pressure transmitters are provided with optional mounting bracket sets, which enable easy mounting of manifold, pipe, and surface of the device.
  • These transmitters are also offered with SIL-2 certification.  
  • Multi-marking is provided for CSA, FM, and ATEX safe installations. A user can permanently mark on the data plate, where certification needs to be applied.
  • This transmitter has a user-centric cut-off point of 0-20%, which is calculated on the basis of maximum flow.
  • The Foxboro IDP10 transmitter comes with a 5-year warranty.