Wireless Transmitters

The wireless transmitters are the devices that contain no wires, and accepts data or signals, and translates them into comprehensible form. This data is sent across a medium, over the distance. These transmitters are manufactured using robust components, making them a popular choice for applications in the harshest industrial environments. At The Transmitter Shop, we bring you the quality wireless pressure transmitters from industry-leading brands. These transmitters are known for their accuracy and performance for those critical variable measurement applications.

  1. 3051ST
  2. 3051S
  3. 3051T
  4. 2051T
  5. 2051C

Beneficial Features of Wireless Transmitters

Made to offer reliable measurement and quick installation, our range of wireless transmitters provide hassle-free operation. The other beneficial features of these categories of transmitters include:
  • This industry-leading flow measurement solutions are the best options for differential, gauge, and absolute pressure measurement.
  • They are designed to providing reliable pressure readings in harsh environments.
  • These cost-effective pressure measurement units are delivered fully assembled.
  • Designed in compliance with regulatory demands, these wireless transmitters minimize process variability, gain greater process insights, and reduce downtime.
  • Their best-in-class, scalable architecture enhances performance, functionality and process connections.
  • They are designed with remote display and interface, which offer easy access to process and device information.
  • These transmitters are factory-assembled and leak-tested for easy installation and trouble-free performance.

Application Areas

At The Transmitter Shop, all models of wireless transmitters are manufactured to offer safe operation in tough industrial and process applications. Owing to the several beneficial features aforementioned than several others, these units are used for many pressure monitoring applications in the following industries.

Lower installation costs and minimal maintenance are the key benefits of these transmitters with no hard wiring. Compared to the other wired alternatives, the wireless transmitters guarantee faster installation time and minimal disruption. At The Transmitter Shop, these wireless pressure monitoring solutions are provided in several models as displayed on the page. Explore each model and get the best transmitter that offers you with the desired results. Our team of highly knowledgeable customer care executives will help you make a wise choice from the models available.