Level Transmitters

Level measurement is very important in the process industry. Inaccuracies in level measurement may cause severe damages ranging from failed equipment to low-quality output, or even loss of lives. Hence, nowadays, a wide range of level measurement technologies are employed by plant operators to measure the level of gas or liquid accurately. Level transmitters are the most popular level measurement devices used in the process industry. The Transmitter Shop (TTS) provides a variety of branded level transmitters to help its clients gain a better insight into their process, and minimize production errors.

  1. 5300
  2. 1151LT
  3. 3051SAL
  4. 3051L
  5. 2051L
  6. 3300
  7. 2120
  8. 2130
  9. 5401
  10. 5402
  11. ERH

TTS Level Transmitter Offerings

Following are some of the transmitters provided by TTS

  • Liquid Level Transmitters:

    These transmitters are used to measure liquid level in a process. The liquid level transmitters in our selection are safety certified, as well as allow the direct mounting. Many of these transmitters are equipped with advanced diagnostics, and Local Operator Interface (LOI), that allows easy off-site commissioning.
  • Scalable Advanced Level Transmitters:

    These transmitters are used for liquid level applications. The scalable advanced level transmitters provided by us help plant operators minimize their process variability, gain better process control, and meet compliance requirements. These transmitters are equipped with advanced diagnostic capabilities, and remote interface and display.
  • Point Level Measurement Transmitters:

    These transmitters help users control liquid levels, and easily manage various critical process functions. The point level measurement transmitters provided by us are designed for hard to reach locations. These systems provide reliable level measurements.
  • Tank Gauging Transmitters:

    The tank gauging transmitters are ideal for measuring levels of liquids, solids, and slurries in industrial tanks. We provide certified tank gauging transmitters, which are safety certified. Hence, these transmitters are the first choice for safety applications.

Know more about types of level transmitters in detail.

Benefits of Continuous Level Measurement Transmitters Offered by TTS

Following are some of the benefits of continuous level measurement transmitters provided by us.

  • All our transmitters are from industry-leading brands, and are equipped with enhanced diagnostics, which allows easy reading.
  • Various transmitters in our selection are provided with remote seals, which allow plant operators to remove them easily to avoid direct contact with various process fluids.
  • Our transmitters have explosion/flameproof Ex-approvals, which make them ideal for harsh environments. Also, many of our level transmitters are made from corrosion resistant materials such as Monel, SST, and Hastelloy.

Guidelines for Troubleshooting Level Transmitters

We are there to assist you to fix all the level transmitter-related issues. However, here are some guidelines to troubleshoot the issues in level transmitters and fix certain issues on your own:

  • If your level transmitter is malfunctioning, the first thing you should do is disconnect it from the pressure source on an immediate basis. This is to avoid any damages including loss of human lives.
  • Check the voltage of the transmitter and ensure it has not exceeded than the upper limit mentioned by the manufacturer.
  • Check the insulation and wiring, and if the primary element is in a good condition. Also check for loose connections.
  • If there is little or no output, check the sensing element as well as the pressure source. The zero setting of the pressure source is important. Also, if there is a problem with the sensing element, then it may need a replacement.
  • Check for leaks and open valves. Make sure the valves are tightly closed, and the blocking valves are open.
  • Ensure there is no sediment, debris, or trapped gas inside the transmitter. There are sensing issues, which may occur due to clogging of sediments, debris, and so on.
  • Perhaps, you may be required to check the accuracy of the transmitter calibration.
  • Over pressuring is a common issue, and in this case the malfunctioning may be gradual and not sudden. There may be symptoms such as a distorted internal diaphragm. Do check for such changes.
  • At times, the transmitter’s communication with the field communicator may be hampered. In this case, you need to check if the output is as per the saturation levels, loop resistance, and terminal voltage levels.
  • If the transmitter does not show changes after applying pressure, then the test equipment could be at fault. However, also check for transmitter mode and impulse piping.

Industries Using TTS Level Transmitters

Following are some industries using level transmitters provided by TTS:

  • Cement
  • Food Processing
  • Factory Automation
  • Packaging
  • Thermal Power
  • Bottling
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Chemical Processing
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Textiles
  • Oil and Gas
  • Metals Processing
  • Energy
  • Chemicals

The Transmitter Shop offers end-to-end services and is a reliable distributor of various types of transmitters and related parts. Also, we facilitate your decision making by offering technical assistance. We make high-quality products and offer best prices, especially on bulk and wholesale purchases depending on your requirements. We stock a variety of brands of level transmitters made by recognized manufacturers. To discuss further details regarding our level transmitters, you can reach us on phone or email.

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