Rosemount 1199 Diaphragm Seal System

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Seal System Type
  • Direct Mount
  • Remote Mount
  • Tuned-System
  • Balanced System
Process Connection
  • Flanged: ANSI/ASME, EN/DIN, GOST, & JIS
  • Threaded: NPT, DIN, ISO Hygienic
Process Wetted Material
  • 316L SST,
  • Alloy C-276,
  • Alloy 400,
  • Tantalum,
  • Gold-plated Alloy 400,
  • Gold-plated 316L SST, see PDS for full list of materials
Transmitter Connection
  • Welded-Repairable,
  • All Welded


Diaphragm seals are membranes that seal the space below the gasket, which holds the process fluid container. This is done to inhibit the process fluid from entering into the pressure sensing assembly, as it needs to be isolated. This, in a way, prevents the pressure sensors or transmitters from touching the fluid as it may be abrasive or toxic. This diaphragm seal system is used in difficult and harsh processes across industries. The Rosemount 1199 diaphragm seal system is used for many remote pressure measurement applications. This seal system comprises Rosemount 1199 pressure transmitter, a remote diaphragm, a mounting option, and a capillary-type connection to collect the secondary fill fluid. When installing the system, make sure you go through the manual thoroughly.

Beneficial Features of Rosemount 1199 Diaphragm Seal System

There are many benefits of using the Rosemount 1199 diaphragm seal system. Here are a few of them:

  • The Rosemount 1199 diaphragm seal system is easy to install as it does not require any separate mounting hardware.
  • It is designed to handle huge temperature variations, chemicals, and abrasive fluids.
  • Rosemount DP level transmitters enable the measurement of a mass inside a tank. It can be used to measure the fluid’s level, density, and interface.
  • There are various ways to mount the Rosemount seal system, and they serve specific purposes. For instance, the Rosemount 1199 direct mount transmitter system is useful for open or atmosphere tank applications. On the other hand, a tuned-system assembly is useful for closed tanks with externally applied pressure.
  • Rosemount 1199 seal assemblies come in two types— welded-repairable, and all-welded vacuum system construction. The latter is specifically designed for vacuum applications.
  • The process connection is mainly of two types— flanged and threaded. This depicts the way in which the in-line flow-through seal is attached to the process piping system.
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