Fisher i2P-100 ElectroPneumatic Transducer

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Fisher® i2P-100

Fisher® i2P-100 electro-pneumatic transducer uses a patented converter module that converts a milliampere input to a proportional pressure output. Both the current input and pressure output range are user-configurable in the field. The converter module uses small parts of minimum mass, which are balanced symmetrically around a pivot point at the center of the mass. This balanced arrangement results in a high performance instrument that reduces sensitivity to vibration. An integral pneumatic relay provides the high capacity necessary to drive pneumatic control valve/actuator assemblies without additional boosters or positioners. The transducer also provides stable, accurate operation when its output is transmitted to small volume chambers, such as a pneumatic positioner or other pneumatic instrument. Reduced sensitivity to vibration, combined with high capacity and first order lag characteristics, make the i2P-100 transducer suitable for direct mounting on control valve/actuator combinations.

  • Low Pneumatic Supply Consumption—The transducer has low pneumatic supply consumption which lowers operating costs.
  • Split Range—Selectable user field-configurable two-way split range, using either half of the standard input signal.
  • Tolerant of Dirty Supply Medium—Free-flow pilot stage design and large internal air passages provide excellent tolerance to dirty pneumatic supply, by reducing the effects of contaminant buildup and erosion. The removable primary orifice and replaceable 5 micron filter are easy to remove for service and maintenance.