Rosemount 8732E Field Mount Magnetic Flow Meter Transmitters

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  • Continually monitor meter health and performance without stopping the process with Smart Meter Verification
  • Prevent moisture ingress with dual-compartment transmitter housing
  • Improve process management with advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Optimize control in noisy applications with High Process Noise diagnostic and Selectable Coil Drive Frequency options
  • Tunable Empty Pipe Diagnostic minimizes issues and false readings when the pipe is empty
  • Quickly verify installation integrity with Ground and Wiring Fault Detection diagnostic
  • Simplify adjustments in hazardous environments without removing the cover using optical switches for configuration
  • Cut inventory and ensure interface consistency for any magnetic flow meter sensor using Universal Transmitter capability
AccuracyUp to ±0.15% of volumetric flow rate accuracy over 13:1 flow turndowns, ±0.25% over 40:1 flow turndown
DiagnosticIn Situ Meter Verification, Grounding/Wiring Fault Detection, High Process Noise Detection, Tunable Empty Pipe Detection, Transmitter Fault Detection, Sensor Fault Detection, Electrode Coating
CompatibilityAll Rosemount manufactured Sensors: 8705, 8711, 8721, 8707
Universal capabilities allow 8700 Series transmitters to be compatible with AC and DC powered sensors from other manufacturers
Power Supply90-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz or 12-42 VDC
Power Consumption15 W maximum - DC
40 VA maximum - AC
Enclosure Rating8732E: Type 4x, IEC 60529, IP66
8712E: Type 4x, IP66

With best-in-class performance, Rosemount 8732E Field Mount Magnetic Flow Meter Transmitters provide highly accurate and stable measurements in even the most critical applications. A dual-compartment transmitter housing provides isolation from the external environment, keeping the electronics free from moisture and other contaminants. Additionally, the advanced diagnostics and intuitive through-the-glass Local Operator Interface provide unparalleled process insight and management capabilities. The transmitter can be either integrally or remotely mounted for easy installation, maintenance and verification.