RTDs-Resistance Temperature Detectors

A wide range of devices are used in the industries in order to measure temperature or control it. A lot of processes are dependent on the proper control and precise measurement of temperature. One of the most commonly used devices to measure temperature is the Resistance Temperature Detector, or commonly referred to as an RTD. As their name suggests, the resistance temperature detector device is used to measure temperature by detecting the resistance of the electrical wire. The Transmitter Shop is one of the leading providers of the RTDs, and various other industrial instruments, and sealing products in the US.
The resistance temperature detectors are available in three different configurations, which are as follows:
  • 2-Wire Configuration
  • 3-Wire Configuration
  • 4-Wire Configuration

  1. Assembly
  2. RTD

Beneficial Features of the Resistance Temperature Detectors that We Provide

The following are the beneficial features of the RTDs that we provide, which makes them popular, and preferable in most applications and industries:
  • Excellent Interchangeability:

    The resistance temperature detectors that we provide feature a strain-free construction. In addition to this, these devices also allow precision trimming. Thus, you can easily substitute elements from different lots without the need for recalibration.
  • High Precision:

    This is one of the major reasons that makes RTDs popular. The strain-free construction of these devices offers full winding support, which delivers accurate readings.
  • Good Sensitivity:

    A resistive temperature detector helps minimize self-heating. This helps the RTD device to measure temperature with good precision. The temperature coefficient is controlled efficiently to match the industry standards. The values of insulation resistance, on the other hand may exceed the IEC-751 (International Standard for Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometer) standards.
  • Exceptional Repeatability:

    Although all the elements are exposed to the temperatures within the operating range for a longer duration, still they exceed the IEC-751 repeatability.
  • Outstanding Chemical & Physical Stability:

    The highly controlled manufacturing process carried out at the Transmitter Shop ensures that the chemical, as well as physical stability is maintained over a wide range of temperature.
  • High Signal-to-Noise Output:

    The devices have a high signal-to-noise output. This helps increase the precision of data transmission. In addition to this, this feature also offers a greater distance between the measuring equipment and the sensor.

Applications of the RTDs

The several beneficial features of the RTDs explained above make them ideal for use in a wide range of applications, such as follows:
  • Textile production
  • Micro electronics
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration servicing
  • Petrochemical processing
  • Food Processing
  • Plastics processing
  • Stoves and grills
  • Exhaust gas temperature measurement
Temperature measurement and control is one of the important processes in most industries. Thus, buying this measuring device from a trusted and reliable manufacturer is important, if you expect it to perform for a longer duration. At The Transmitter Shop, we are very keen to provide the best quality products. You can select from various products including thermocouples, RTDs, and more. We can assure you that these products are capable of delivering optimal performance for several years. Do you want to know more about the device? Get in touch with our experts, who are always ready to help you with your requirements, and guide you in selecting the right product depending on your requirements.