Thermo/Probes Thermometer and RTDs

Thermo probes are kind of temperature sensors that can determine the resistance of the concerned object- solid, liquid, or gas. They measure very high temperatures and are also known as resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). Temperatures are measured through either surface touch or insertion in the liquid, depending on the state. The Transmitter Shop is a reliable supplier of all kinds of instruments used across industries. We have a market presence of over 30 years. At The Transmitter Shop, you can buy various thermo/probe instruments made by recognized manufacturers, such as thermo/probe transmitters, thermometers, thermowells, thermocouples, and thermocouple assemblies.

Types of Thermo/Probe Instruments at The Transmitter Shop

With the temperature measurement instruments available at The Transmitter Shop, you can be assured of high accuracy and good quality. Therefore, it is more likely that you meet all the safety requirements and the required product quality. Here are a few types of thermo/probe instruments we have listed from the broad range we offer:
  • A thermo/probe transmitter or temperature transmitter serves as an interface between the temperature sensor and the measurement device. It takes the input from the sensor, converts it and sends it to the measurement or control device. We offer resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) with various configurations such as 2-wire, 3-wire, and 4-wire.
  • A thermowell is a close-ended tube that encases a temperature sensor to protect it from physical influencing factors such as flow, high pressure, and harsh environment. Some common type of thermowells are socket weld, threaded, weld-in, and flanged. We offer thermowells manufactured by expert manufacturers that offer benefits such as reduced contamination, increased sensor longevity, and easy sensor replacement. They are made of nylon, brass, Teflon, or alloys.
  • Our thermowells are made of a wide range of metals such as titanium, carbon steel, chromium, Haynes alloy, Hastelloy, and more. You can select the material based on your requirement such as process temperature, corrosion conditions, the structure in which the thermowell is installed, and more.
  • Our industrial thermometers are designed to function in harsh environments. Maintaining a certain temperature is crucial in most industrial processes, which is why the thermometers here need to be more durable than the ones used in the medical sector. Also, they are resistant to corrosion and oxidation. These thermometers mainly comprise stem, head, and bezel. The stem is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, while the head and bezel are made of 302 stainless steel.
  • Thermocouple probes are made of two dissimilar metals, such as nickel, aluminum, chromium, copper, and so on, welded at the tip to form a thermocouple junction at varying temperatures. They can be used as temperature sensors. You can assemble a thermocouple on your own with the help of a thermocouple assembly kit. This comprises color coded connectors, tubes, clamps, insulation fittings, open-end steel tubes, extension wires, and so on. We offer a variety of thermocouples and assemblies for industrial and scientific research applications. There are several benefits our thermocouples offer such as durability, versatility, shock and vibration resistance, response to temperature variations, and more.
So, all in all, if you are looking to buy any of the probe or temperature sensing instruments, for your industry, The Transmitter Shop facilitates your decision making by offering technical assistance. We enable our clients across the globe to avail from high-quality products at best prices, especially on bulk and wholesale purchases depending on your requirements. You can choose from a wide variety of instruments, with specific features to suit your requirements. To buy these instruments made by some of the top manufacturers, log on to our website.