Mcdaniel Controls Gauges

For many of your processes, control devices like pressure gauges aren’t just helpful but are inevitable. Accurate, precise, and consistent pressure measurement is essential for industrial chemical processing, hazardous waste processing, mining, among several others. The role of robust, rugged and reliable gauges cannot be ignored for applications where high accuracy and reliability is paramount. At The Transmitter Shop, we stock a vast inventory of pressure gauges of the top rated brands, and one amongst the most popular is McDaniel Controls Gauges. Consider using the gauges from McDaniel Controls as they can add efficiency, effectiveness and safety to your pressure measurement applications. McDaniel Controls Gauges, which have been on the market since 1972, are available in a wide range of dial sizes to suit your installation.

Types of McDaniel Controls Gauges We Offer at TTS

Being a leader in the instrumentation industry, McDaniel Controls offer extensive options when it comes to pressure gauges. The following are the McDaniel Controls gauges that we at TTS sell for industrial, process and instrumentation applications.
  • Process Gauges:

    McDaniel Controls liquid fillable process gauges are ruggedly constructed to withstand application pressures, media's chemical effects, and temperature. Designed to withstand corrosive atmosphere, vibration or severe pulsations, these pressure gauges are available in several models with varying specifications. These watertight, fillable, pressure gauges guarantee long usability and durability for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Utility Gauges:

    With fillable, watertight, and heavy-duty construction, McDaniel Controls utility gauges are the great addition to your industrial, instrumentation and process applications. Utility gauges feature brass internals with the proven ruggedness and accuracy. Suitable for light, medium and heavy duty services, they have been proven millions of times over. Several models are available in compliance with international standards to meet accurate pressure measurements applications.

Features in General

McDaniel Controls Gauges are designed with several proven features, making them popular amongst our process industry customers. The following features contribute to their success in the market place.
  • Factory calibrated and bubble tested for leakage
  • All stainless steel case and wetted parts
  • Safety laminated glass front
  • Liquid fillable
  • Case Protection: IP 65
  • Fire retardant and impact resistance

Application Areas

Suitable for service in corrosive areas, both utility and process gauges from McDaniel Controls perform outstandingly when put to operation in the following industries:
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp and paper
  • Power distribution
  • Undersea operations
  • Aerospace
Control devices need to be accurate and work rightly to avoid any kind of inaccuracies in measurement. That’s why we bring you the widest ranges of McDaniel Controls utility and pressure gauges that assure years of hassle-free service. By partnering with TTS, you not only get the finest quality product from the brand, but also receive outstanding sales and customer support throughout your selection process. Talk to us and invest on the right McDaniel Controls that are built to last for high end performance.