AS-Schneider Instrument Manifold

The Transmitter Shop is trusted by many for the quality of products. We not only repair transmitters, but also provide top-quality valves and manifolds from leading manufacturers in the world. One such product is the Schneider instrumentation valve and manifold. The main objective of these devices is to isolate the process from the transmitter, so that tasks such as maintenance, calibration, and venting can be done efficiently.

Beneficial Features of Schneider Instrument Manifolds

We have a wide range of Schneider valve manifolds, which are being preferred by our customers because of their quality. Another reason behind the popularity of these manifolds is their many beneficial features. Here are some striking features of the Schneider manifolds:

  1. The manifolds from Schneider are suitable for transmitter structures that are traditional and low profile.
  2. These valves have a compact design, which allows them to fit into minimum spaces. Thus, they require lesser space for installation and operation.
  3. They have fewer parts. This helps reduce the leakage points by a considerable amount.
  4. The stem threads of these valves are separated from the process. This helps reduce the chances of galling and corrosion.
  5. The Schneider manifolds come in a variety of versions, such as the low cost commodity versions. Additionally, special versions are designed to be used in the applications of natural gas and power industries.
  6. The manifolds feature rolled threads, which help in preventing galling, as well as provide an additional strength, and longer life to the device.
  7. They have a backseat stem, which play a vital role in preventing stem blowout.
  8. The Schneider valves feature a one piece handle design. This helps protect the handle from damage during maintenance, or due to vibration effects.
  9. These devices have an adjustable Teflon packing. This is how these valves provide leak proof service consistently for several years. For high temperature applications, these valves come with grafoil packing.
  10. The mirror stem of these valves is finished to 16 RMS in the packing area. This helps in making the stem operation smooth, along with increasing the packing life.

Application Areas of the Schneider Manifolds

The several beneficial features of these valves make them ideal for use in a vast range of applications. The following are the most common application areas of these valves:

  • Fuel gas desulphurization plants
  • Chemical, petrochemical, offshore industry
  • Sea-water desalination plants
  • Oil & gas production & transmission
  • Natural gas production industries
  • Gas transmission industries
  • Nuclear power plants

The Transmitter Shop is always ready to help its customers regarding their requirements related to the Schneider manifolds. We are known to provide high-quality instruments at most competitive prices in the industry. In addition to this, the valve manifolds that we provide are capable of delivering an optimal performance, consistently for many years. Want to know more? Contact our experts, today.