Rosemount Absolute Pressure Transmitters

An absolute pressure transmitter is a device that measures pressure in either the gauge or absolute range from the zero-reference point, i.e., absolute vacuum. Most applications require an accurate measurement of the absolute pressure in order to determine the volume or mass flow rate through a system. Generally, this information can be used for controlling or monitoring processes. At The Transmitter Shop, we offer absolute pressure transmitters from, top-rated brands. Our selection comprises Rosemount pressure transmitters that are manufactured by Emerson in compliance with the highest quality standards. We provide you with the widest selection possible for your needs, and each model of Rosemount absolute pressure transmitter listed here guarantees optimum reliability and functionality over time.

  1. 3051ST
  2. 3051S
  3. 3051T
  4. 2051T
  5. 2051C
  6. 2088

Types of Rosemount Absolute Pressure Transmitters We Offer at TTS

Rosemount absolute pressure transmitters are one of the sought-after instruments in industries where measurement accuracy, safety, or regulatory compliance are critical factors. The following are the popular models of the brand we offer at TTS.
  • 3051ST: This compact sized pressure transmitter is known for its best-in-class, and scalable architecture. Equipped with Rosemount’s patented Coplanar technology, the transmitter assures optimized performance for absolute pressure measurement. This fully assembled and leak tested model assures reliable measurements and wide application flexibility.
  • 3051S: This Coplanar pressure transmitter from Rosemount works best for gauge, differential or absolute measurements. Featuring remote display and interface options, zero and span adjustment, and PlantWeb alerts, it offers a high level of accuracy.
  • 3051T: Combining advanced electronics technologies as well as sensor designs, this model maintains a reference accuracy of 0.0065% span. Compact design, availability of multitude of output options, and Local Operator Interface (LOI) and loop integrity diagnostics are its other notable features.
  • 2088: With this range of transmitters, you can be guaranteed with accurate, stable, and reliable pressure measurement. Designed with Local Operator Interface (LOI) that has easy-to-use menus and built-in configuration buttons, the models allow quick and easy installation.
  • 2051T: Designed with reliability, long-term performance, this Rosemount pressure transmitter model is an economical solution in various process applications. This quick and easy-to-install solution guarantees an accuracy up to ±0.05%.
  • 2051C: The model features digital signal based on HART technology, and is known to offer up to 0.05% of span accuracy. Patented Coplanar technology, built-in configuration buttons, 316L SST, alloy C-276, Tantalum process wetted material are its other attractions.

Beneficial Features of Rosemount Absolute Pressure Transmitters

The following beneficial features substantiate the widespread use of Rosemount absolute pressure transmitters across industries.
  • They guarantee easy installation; thanks to their Power Advisory Diagnostics and a Local Operator Interface (LOI) feature.
  • They are constructed in compliance with industry standards, as well as regulations; hence they withstand tough environments in the process industries.
  • Their advanced diagnostics create process alerts and thus offer unmatched performance in dynamic applications.
  • With integrated DP Flow meters, DP Level solutions, and integral manifolds, these absolute pressure transmitters from Emerson has become the industry standard for differential, gauge, and absolute pressure measurement.
  • With an innovative design, these transmitters come with fully assembled, leak-tested, and calibrated.
  • Available in a variety of styles, materials, and configurations, they are the most reliable, ready-to-install, flow, level and pressure solutions available in the market.
  • The transmitters use precision sensing technology and optimize safety with the industry's only intrinsically safe power module.
  • All the models of absolute pressure transmitters from Rosemount meet tough process requirements, including hygienic applications.

Applications of Rosemount Absolute Pressure Transmitters

Emerson has been serving customers across industries for many years through their superior quality products. Owing to their ability to accurately measure and transmit process pressures, absolute pressure transmitters from Rosemount are widely used in the following industries:
  • Oil & gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Power generation
  • Chemical processing
  • Papermaking
  • Water treatment and sewage treatment plants.
  • Aerospace
  • Food and Beverage
We, at The Transmitter Shop (TTS), provide new surplus, factory sale, and reconditioned Rosemount absolute pressure transmitters that helps ensure higher levels of efficiency and safety. We pride ourselves on our commitment to product quality, reliability, quick turnaround time, and customer service. With the world’s largest inventories of ready-to-ship transmitters, you will find the right unit for measuring pressure of gases, liquids, including their aggressive varieties. With efficacious customer assistance, you are sure to receive all crucial information about each model, which in turn makes the purchase hassle-free. Explore the inventory of our Rosemount absolute pressure transmitters and choose the best that meets your requirement to the fullest.