Rosemount Coplanar Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters are widely used in industrial settings to measure level, flow, and pressure. When measuring flow and level, these transmitters are coupled with another device or element such as orifice plate, pitot, or a dry or wet leg. If the connection is made through coplanar mounting, the pressure transmitter is referred to coplanar pressure transmitter. Rosemount coplanar pressure transmitters have set an industry standard for level and flow measurement. Powered by the patented Coplanar technology, these pressure transmitters offer an all-in-one solution for level, pressure, and flow measurement. The Transmitter Shop (TTS) provides Rosemount coplanar transmitters of various types and in different configurations. We assure the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

  1. 3051C
  2. 3051S

Why Choose Rosemount Coplanar Transmitter?

Over the years, coplanar pressure transmitters have gained popularity across process industries. The following features have contributed to their easy acceptance across them.

  • A coplanar pressure transmitter features two process connections at its bottom. It is mainly used for differential pressure measurement.
  • The coplanar pressure transmitter is positioned on a single process flange. This makes it lightweight compared to other styles of mounting.
  • The patented coplanar technology enables easy measurement of absolute, differential, or gauge pressure type applications.
  • Rosemount coplanar transmitter 3051C and Rosemount 2051 coplanar transmitter enable seamless integration with WirelessHART®, 4-20 mA HART®, and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus protocols.
  • These coplanar pressure transmitters are equipped with advanced diagnostics, which enable brilliant diagnostic coverage and allow users to detect abnormal process conditions and electric loop issues before they aggravate.

Types of Rosemount Coplanar Pressure Transmitters

At TTS, we help clients choose from the following types of Rosemount pressure transmitters:

Applications of Rosemount Coplanar Pressure Transmitters

Owing to their distinct beneficial features, Rosemount coplanar pressure transmitters find wide applications across the following industries.

At The Transmitter Shop (TTS), we understand the stringent accuracy requirements across industries. To address this, we work closely with customers and provide them right solutions. We allow customers to choose from factory new, new surplus, and reconditioned transmitters. We also provide transmitter repair and calibration services. Do you want to know the advantages of choosing 3051C Rosemount coplanar transmitter or Rosemount 2051 coplanar pressure transmitter? Please get in touch with our team today.