Calibration Guide for Fisher 3582 Pneumatic Positioner

Brian Craig

July 12, 2021

Fisher 5383 pneumatic positioner is a single-acting positioner. It is an integral part of Fisher control valves and flow transmitters. The working of the positioner has to be precise to give calculated operations. If not, it can impact the overall performance of the control valve or a transmitter. Hence the calibration of the valve positioner is an inevitable maintenance activity. Being a positioner for precise control valves and transmitters, the Fisher 3583 pneumatic single-acting positioner requires appropriate calibration. This post introduces Fisher 5382 pneumatic positioner and guides through the calibration procedure for the same.

Introduction to Fisher 3582 Pneumatic Positioner

Fisher 3582 positioner is a pneumatically operated positioner for control valves and transmitters. It features a diaphragm-actuated, sliding-stem control valve mechanism. This Fisher 3582 pneumatic positioner device is responsible for the accurate positioning of the valve stem in a control valve. When used in real-time applications, the Fisher 3582 pneumatic positioner receives input signals from the control device. These received input signals are modulated by the pneumatic positioner to maintain the valve stem at the desired location. The positioner sends modulated signals to the control valve actuator which adjusts the stem position and alignment.
Now let us discuss how to calibrate the Fisher 3582 pneumatic positioner so that the overall control valve operation runs error-free. However, here are the prerequisites for calibration of the Fisher 3582 pneumatic positioner.


  • Beam alignment should be performed prior to the calibration of the Fisher 3582 pneumatic positioner.
  • A supplementary pressure control mechanism should be arranged during the calibration. This is required to prevent injuries and accidents due to potential sudden pressure released during the calibration.
  • The operator should wear personal protective gear to prevent self-harm during calibration.  
Fisher 3582 Pneumatic Positioner

Calibration Procedure of Fisher 3582 Pneumatic Positioner

You need to perform the following steps to calibrate Fisher 3582 pneumatic positioner for precision and accurate operation.      
  1. Shut the supply pressure off to the valve positioner.
  2. Check the tubing from the valve positioner’s output to the control valve actuator’s input. Connect/reconnect the tubing and set the input signal to a mid-range value.
  3. Adjust the flapper assembly to approximately 6th position in the operating quadrant of the beam. The flapper can be direct or reverse acting.
  4. Supply pressure to the valve positioner until the 0 degree marking on the rotary shaft arm matches with the case index mark. This ensures that the actuator is at a mid-travel position.
    • Note
    • If the mid-travel position of the actuator is not set, check if any minor height adjustment for the pressure nozzle is needed.
    • Check for any loose linkages or errors in cam installation.
  5. Apply input signal of the lowest value of input signal range for the positioner. In the case of Fisher 3582 pneumatic positioner, the input signal range remains 0.2 to 1 bar (3 to 15psig).
  6. Loosen the nozzle locknut until the actuator moves to an accurate location of mid-travel. Once this condition is set, consider this location as a zero reference point.
  7. Now apply the input signal of the highest value to the input signal range. Examine the stem travel after application of the highest input signal. If the stem travel is within range, the Fisher 3582 pneumatiac positioner is calibrated. If not, adjust the stem travel by adjusting the flapper assembly.

Once the actuator and stem positions are met, the calibration process of the Fisher 3582 pneumatic positioner terminates.

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