5 Reasons Why Should Consider Refurbished Rosemount Transmitters

Brian Craig

April 20, 2018

Rosemount pressure transmitters are industrial standard transmitters used in various process industries to measure level, flow, and pressure in the fluid, liquid, and viscous mediums. These pressure transmitters are designed to eliminate on-site testing, assembly, and calibration. Although many businesses are aware of the potential benefits of these transmitters, they avoid purchasing it due to high costs. In such cases, they can consider refurbished Rosemount transmitters. This post discusses why refurbished Rosemount transmitters are good for any process application.

Troubleshooting Pressure Transducer

Beneficial Features of Rosemount Transmitters

Rosemount pressure transmitters are known to provide reliable performance in complex process environments. Their capabilities include:

  • Reference Accuracy: ±0.025% of Span
  • Stability: ±0.15% of URL for 15 years
  • Rangedown: 200:1
  • 15 year limited warranty, 15 year stability, and 10 year power module life

Benefits of Reconditioned Rosemount Transmitters

Like their new counterparts, refurbished transmitters also provide reliable performance in harsh process environments because they undergo:

  • Rigorous Testing: This is the first step of reconditioning a Rosemount transmitter. The testing is performed to ensure proper functioning of various components. Most refurbished transmitter suppliers such as The Transmitter Shop (TTS) engage automated testing devices to ensure that the part passes calibration certification and quality control requirements. Some of the testing equipment used for this purpose includes: dead weight testers, vacuum pumps, Wallace and Tiernan test gauges, etc. Also, these test equipment are recertified at certain periods to ensure their accuracy and reliability under various test conditions.

  • Cleansing: This is performed to ensure the optimum quality of the transmitter. As reconditioning involves separating components for individual testing and calibration. Each part undergoes a specially developed cleansing process. Each cleansing process is designed for the specific material that the component is made from. For instance, at TTS, aluminum parts are blasted in a plastic, or glass medium, and coated with polyurethane paint to ensure they meet “like new” factory specifications. Each component is cleansed to meet quality control guidelines. Also, during the process, non-performing parts are returned to the preparations personnel for performance enhancement. The sensors are meticulously cleansed in proven solutions to avoid contaminants, and process debris.

  • Reassembly by Experts: The reassembly of parts is challenging, and is performed by certified technicians. During the assembly, new parts such as gaskets, O-rings, and tags as well as new hardware components such as plugs, brackets, nuts, etc. are used. Each part is tested and certified to ensure it is calibrated as per manufacturer’s specifications.
    Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, these transmitters are:

  • Affordable: These refurbished transmitters are affordable and ideal for both – start-ups and established businesses. The great advantage is, buyers can experience the same benefits as the new ones at much lower prices.

  • Eco-friendly: The reconditioning helps improve the value of the transmitter, and reduce carbon footprint. By reusing the transmitter, users are reducing electronic waste, and contributing to a cleaner environment. Also, they are taking advantage of the design and features that Rosemount Transmitters provide.

TTS provides product support and warranty of 2 years from the date of repair. To know more about the benefits of reconditioned Rosemount transmitters, and their importance in your process industry, it is always better to contact experts at TTS.

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