Otis Instruments OIA-161408-MC Master Controller

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Instrumentation Compatibility:

  • Supports both wired and wireless sensors.
  • Compatible with a variety of instrumentation types.

Input/Output Configuration:

  • Configurable for WireFree and Wired Instrumentation.
  • Expandable Digital Input/Output Modules.
  • Analog Modules supporting 4-20 mA, 0-5V, and 0-10V.

Control and Management:

  • All-in-One HMI/PLC system for comprehensive control and management of assets.
  • Configurable for different types of instrumentation.

Relay Options: 10 Amp Relays available upon request.

Power Options: AC, DC, and Solar-powered systems for flexibility in power sources.

​Connectivity and Access:

  • VPN access for secure control and management of instrumentation.
  • Accessible remotely via phone, laptop, and desktop.
  • IT/IoT capabilities through Cellular Modem and/or direct connection to the Internet Service Provider.

Data Storage: Secure cloud storage for data collected by the Master Controller.

Customization: Configurable to specific requirements and preferences.

Versatility: Versatile solution suitable for various industries and applications.

Power Efficiency: Optimal power consumption for efficient operation in various power scenarios.


The Otis Instruments OIA-161408-MC Master Controller is an information system providing complete control and management of assetin the field; both remotely and on-site. Incorporates wired and/or wireless sensors, along with the ability to utilize multiple types of instrumentation. The Master Controller offers secure cloud storage and VPN access via phone, laptop and desktop - providing the perfect solution for a range of instrumentation and applications.


  • Configuration Allows for WireFree and Wired Instrumentation
  • Expandable Digital Input/Output Modules
  • Analog Modules of 4-20 mA, 0-5V and 0-10V
  • System Utilizes an All-in-One HMI/PLC
  • 10 Amp Relays Available Upon Request
  • VPN Access and Control of Instrumentation
  • AC, DC and Solar Powered Systems
  • IT/lIoT Through Cellular Modem and/or Direct Connection to Internet Service Provider
  • Industries Served

- Oil & Gas

- Water

- Wastewater

- Manufacturing

- Agricultural

- Pharmaceutical

- Laboratories

- Chemical Plants

- Food & Beverage

- Textile

Please refer to datasheet for more information