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644 Rosemount Temperature Transmitter


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  • Dual and single sensor capability with universal sensor inputs (RTD, T/C, mV, ohms)
  • 4-20 mA with digital signal based on HART Protocol
  • FOUNDATION™ fieldbus protocol, PROFIBUS® PA protocol
  • ±0.10°C (±0.18°F)
  • LCD Display or LCD Display with Local Operator Interface (LOI)
  • Field mount, DIN A head mount or rail mount
  • Basic diagnostics,
  • Hot Backup™ capability,
  • sensor drift alert,
  • thermocouple degradation,
  • min/max tracking
  • Ohms
  • Extremely versatile temperature transmitter available in HART®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus or PROFIBUS® protocols
  • Diverse mounting configurations including head, field or rail mount with many enclosure options
  • LOI option eliminates the need for special configuration tools (i.e. field communicator) for ease-of-use
  • Transmitter-sensor matching with Callendar-Van Dusen constants reduces total measurement error
  • Hot Backup™ capability and sensor drift alert with dual sensors ensure measurement integrity
  • Thermocouple degradation diagnostic monitors thermocouple health to detect degradation before failure
  • Minimum and maximum temperature tracking observes temperature extremes for easy troubleshooting
  • Device dashboards provide easy interface for simplified device configuration and diagnostic troubleshooting

The Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter is available with FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus or PROFIBUS® protocols in head, HART®, field or rail mount styles, and diverse enclosure options. The transmitter configuration can be easily updated by adding a Local Operator Interface (LOI). This transmitter meets diverse application requirements through its advanced diagnostic capabilities such as sensor drift alert, thermocouple degradation, and Hot Backup™ capability.

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