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Oil and Gas:

Providing Efficient and Durable Oil and Gas Measurement Sensors
The Transmitter Shop provides a vast range of measurement sensors and devices to support oil and gas drilling operations. Our valve, controller, and transmitter products can be used in varied application environments, and can provide accurate operation data quickly and efficiently.View Page


Accurate Measurement of High Demand Chemical Processes
TTS products are designed to provide accurate measurement services, while ensuring operation efficiency. We provide a variety of transmitters and control valves, which can be used in high pressure and temperature environments. The products are versatile, and can be digitally integrated into different types of equipment. View Page

Food & Beverage:

Meeting the Eclectic Needs of the Food and Beverage Industry
TTS provides measurement product solutions that meet sterility requirements of the food and beverage industry. Constructed from stainless steel, they can be installed in applications involving solids, liquids and semi-solids. They are easy to install, use, as well as maintain. View Page


Supporting Complex Refinery Processes
Products distributed by TTS are designed to work in the ever-changing conditions of the refinery industry. Products like transmitters and controllers can provide performance reliability, energy efficiency, easy maintenance, and versatility in terms of installation. They can be used in hazardous areas with extreme temperatures.View Page

Wastewater & Sewage:

Providing Measurement and Control Solutions for Wastewater Treatment
We provide different types of meters and transmitters for accurate level measurement. The products can be used to measure different types of liquids and semi-solids automatically. They can even be used to help regulate pump control, tank levels, and water movement in the plant.View Page

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