Honeywell Transmitters

The Transmitter Shop (TTS) provides SmartLine® pressure and temperature transmitters from Honeywell Process Solutions for the process industry. These transmitters deliver reliable performance, and help maintain the security of plant operators in harsh process environments.

TTS Honeywell Transmitters Offerings

At TTS, we provide the following types of Honeywell process transmitters:

Honeywell Pressure Transmitters: The ST3000 transmitters meet the SIL 2/3 requirements, and are backed with a 15 year guarantee. The following are important features of these transmitters

  • Transmitter Stability : 0.01% span per year up to ten years
  • Reference Accuracy: 0.0375% span with optional 0.025% span
  • Compensation: In-built/on-board static pressure and temperature compensation
  • Total Probable Error: 0.12%
  • Response Time: 80Ms
  • Rangeability Turndown: 400:1
  • Static Pressure Rating: 4500 psig with the option up to 6000 psig

Honeywell Temperature Transmitters: The STT350 STT25 temperature transmitters from Honeywell are built for noisy and high temperature environments. The transmitters are distinguishable due to the following beneficial features:

  • Stability of a Transmitter: 0.01% span per year up to ten years
  • Output Accuracy: 0.005% of Span
  • Digital Accuracy: 0.1 oC with RTD
  • Response Time: 130 Ms
  • Compliance: Namur 43/89, SIL 2/3
  • On-board ambient temperature, built-in and remote cold junction compensation
  • Adjustments: 90 o position adjustments

Benefits of Honeywell’s Smartline Pressure and Temperature Transmitters

The following benefits make these pressure and temperature transmitters popular with our process industry clients.

  • Reliable Performance: The transmitters provide optimum performance under dynamic process conditions. Performance accuracy and fast response times help reduce up to 50% in calibration costs.
  • Modular Design: The modular design allows quick parts replacement without stopping the process, or taking out the transmitter out of the process equipment. This helps reduce downtime, minimize maintenance costs, and need to maintain an inventory of spare parts. The polarity insensitivity is another advantage of the transmitter design. It helps reduce mechanical wiring issues, and polarity conflicts.
  • User-friendly Interface: Innovative user-friendly interface helps reduce operator errors by 10% as well as process downtimes by 5%. The graphical display allows a plant operator to understand the state of the process, receive alerts, and more. The advanced display supports troubleshooting with 24-hour trend visibility. There is a diagnostic summary view, which aids in early and easy problem detection. The external three button configuration interface helps easy local configuration. Hence, there is no need to carry handheld devices for a setup.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: The Smartline transmitters are equipped with a variety of diagnostic features, which help ensure safety of the process. The transmitters support tamper reporting as well as transmitter messaging.
    • Transmitter Messaging: This helps reduce the need for two or more people for point wise verification. This feature helps avoid unit trips, as well as additional communication between field technicians and plant operators.
    • Tamper Reporting: This helps monitor any tampering done to the equipment. The advanced diagnostics allow plant operators to figure out unauthorized configuration changes attempted on the equipment.

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