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3144P Rosemount Temperature Transmitter


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  • 2, 3, or 4-wire RTD
  • Thermocouple Types: B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T
  • Millivolt Input: 2, 3, or 4 Wire Ohm Input
  • Single or Dual Sensor Input
  • 4-20 mA with digital signal based on HART Protocol
  • ±0.08°C (±0.14°F)
  • Large LCD display with percent range graph and buttons/switches
  • Input Ranges – RTD: -328 to 1562 degrees F, varies according to RTD Type
  • Thermocouple: -292 to 2502, varies according to Thermocouple Type
  • Millivolt: -10 to 100 mV
  • Ohm: 0 to 2000 Ohms
  • Industry-leading accuracy and reliability for best performance in critical control and safety applications
  • Transmitter-sensor matching improves measurement accuracy up to 75%
  • 5-year long-term stability extends calibration intervals to reduce trips to the field
  • Dual compartment housing provides superior protection in harsh environments
  • Hot Backup™ capability and sensor drift alert utilizing dual sensors ensure measurement integrity
  • Thermocouple degradation diagnostic monitors thermocouple health to detect degradation before failure
  • Minimum and maximum temperature tracking allows monitoring of temperature extremes for easy troubleshooting
  • Transmitter supports multiple protocols for integration in many host environments across many industries
  • Device dashboards provide easy interface for simplified device configuration and diagnostic troubleshooting

High level of stability, reliability, and precision can be achieved for temperature measurements, with the help of the Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter. This robust and durable temperature transmitter comes with a dual-compartment housing, which ensures consistency and reliability of advanced diagnostics. This helps you in getting accurate measurements. This transmitter is mainly used when utmost control and mission critical precision is required in the measurement.

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