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Foxboro 15A Pneumatic Differential Pressure Transmitter


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  • ±0.5% of span
  • 0.05% of span
  • 0.1% of span
  • 0.0025 kPa, 0.01 inH2O, or 0.025 mbar ΔP; or 0.10% of span, whichever is greater
Approximate Mass:-
  • 13.6 kg (30 lb)
  • Includes effects of hysteresis, repeatability, dead band, and drift over a one-hour period 0.2% of span
Position Effect:-
  • The 15A Series must be operated with the capsule in the vertical plane.
Span Limits:-
  • 0-5 and 0-25 inH2O or 0-1.3 and 0-6 kPa or 0-13 and 0-62 mbar or 0-125 and 0-635 mmH2O
Body Material:-
  • 316 ss
Process Connectors (b):-
  • Tapped for 1/4 NPT
  • Tapped for 1/2 NPT
  • Tapped for R 1/4
  • Tapped for R 1/2
  • Weld neck for 14 x 21 mm tube (1/2 in Schedule 80 pipe)
  • None. Body tapped for 1/4 NPT
Optional Suffix:-
  • Zero Elevation Kit
  • Zero Suppression Kit

The Foxboro® brand Models 15A pneumatic d/p Cell transmitters measure differential pressure and transmit a standard pneumatic signal to receivers which may be several hundred meters or yards away. The simple design of the top works and the field replaceable capsule makes servicing these transmitters exceptionally easy and economical. Interchangeability of most of the top works parts with other Foxboro pneumatic force balance transmitters provides further savings to the user by minimizing spare parts inventory.

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